Hash Song Book


This volume contains a large number of rude, crude, and socially unacceptable song lyrics, if you find these sorts of things offensive then please stop reading now, as the Hash House Harriers probably isn’t for you. If you are not among the easily offended and generally believe that political correctness needs to die a horrible death, please continue reading.

Additionally, this songbook should be taken with a grain of salt, as I’ve tried my best to be snarky and funny and goofy – if you find yourself the butt of one or more jokes, please note that I wouldn’t have made fun of you if I didn’t think that you could take it.


I would first like to thank Alcoholiday, who during his attempt to hash around the world stayed with me and took me to my first hash, without him I probably would never have gotten into Hashing in the first place.

I’d also like to thank Happy Ass Grabber, who as GM of the Thirstday Hash House Harriers saw fit to give me a chance at RAing for the first time, I’ve certainly come a long way since being bullied by Rhotan and Assflac that first night. Chicken Stiffer for giving me my first song book, and Calvin Klein for bringing so many new and interesting songs to Chicago and for providing me with an excellent example of how to run circle. Half-Fag has also been a big help in compiling and editing this volume, as he has pointed out several songs I initially forgot for one reason or another.

Finally, I’d like to thank Flying Booger, who has contributed possibly the most epic songbook ever to Half-Mind.com and one that I frequently consult when looking for new songs.

Unfortunately there isn’t enough space to thank everyone who wrote one or more of the many songs that appear in this volume, but I am extremely thankful for anyone and everyone who has gone through the trouble of writing a hash song – it isn’t as easy as it sounds, but it is extremely fulfilling.


Please note that this song book was compiled several years ago – as such, it does not include every song that we sing here in Chicago as some new songs have arrived while others have fallen out of favor. If you know of a song that is missing please contact me and I will update this song book to include it.

Table of Contents