Chicago Hash Map

* — The Chicago Hash Map is best viewed in fullscreen mode in a desktop browser. It has been only lightly tested in Chrome on an Android phone, so I have no idea why it doesn’t work on your iPhone.

Chicago Hash Map FAQs

Holy &^%$ that’s a lot of data.

That isn’t a question, but thanks?

There are just under 1K data points that are displayed on this map – we have not hashed out of all of them, but the places I’ve listed look like they’d be hashable venues of varying quality.

Yes, it took a lot of work to compile this, so please bookmark this page so that you can use it again in the future.

When was this last updated?

April 6, 2021

When is the next update?

I update the information about specific runs as best I can as it becomes available, but auditing the entire list takes quite a bit of time. I don’t have a specific schedule for this.

What do the colors and sizes of the dots mean?

The size of the dots depend on how often a site has hosted a hash and the color is determined by the completely arbitrary grade that I have given it. Locations have different colors if it is closed or if it is someplace that I haven’t visited yet.

Why are the Forest Preserves so damn big?

Horn E.

Seriously, he rotates the Bushman H3 between the same handful of Forest Preserves, which means that they get a lot of traffic and their dots are bigger on the map.

Why isn’t my favorite bar listed on here!?

Have any of the Chicago Hashes held trail out of that bar? If they haven’t, you should probably sign up to hare out of that bar yourself so that it gets added.

Why do you think you’re qualified to do this?

I’m not qualified, but I’ve done almost 900 hashes here in Chicago and took time out of my own schedule to do this – consider it a favor.

You gave my favorite bar a bad grade!

Again, that’s not a question, but sorry, not sorry.

Again, the grades are arbitrary and are based upon, but not limited to:

  • Pitcher Prices
  • Friendliness of staff to the hash
  • Ease of access
  • Available space for circle

I’ve hashed out of my backyard about a million times, why isn’t it included on this map!?

Personal residences of hashers have been omitted for security reasons. Believe it or not, there are quite a few people out there who might use all of this information for evil, and not just the fun super-science kind of evil either. I’ve omitted every hash that was out of somebody’s house/residence for this reason.

That bar closed ages ago, why is it still listed here?

Bars open and close frequently. I’ve left all of the information about closed bars up there for record-keeping purposes – even if a bar was bulldozed and replaced by condos, it is helpful to know how frequently the hash sets trails in specific neighborhoods and other things like that. Also, lots of times new bars and restaurants open up where old bars and restaurants once were, so while there isn’t something there today there may be something there tomorrow.

You listed my favorite bar as closed, but I was just drinking there last night!

Still not a question.

I’ve done my best to compile this information from publicly available information on Facebook, Yelp, and Google. Sometimes that info isn’t accurate or up to date. If you notice something that isn’t correct, please email me

I hashed/hared out of a specific bar a long time ago and it isn’t listed! Why don’t you have it!?

Our hash records are not perfect – I based all of this off of the best information that I could find. If the hash and bar that you’re thinking of isn’t listed please email me with the bar, address, and the date/hash number of when it occurred and I will add it to my records.

I’m a sucker for data – do you have more of it?

Drive yourself nuts, kid.