Down Down Songs

Down-Down Songs are typically the shortest of Hash Songs and are sung following an accusation. After the completion of a Down-Down Song the words “drink it down, down, down … “ are sung and the accused Hasher consumes her beer.

When possible, the original melody has been included with the song, though not all hash songs correspond perfectly with the original melodies. Additionally, all words appearing in parentheses are typically shouted in response by one or more hashers after the line they appear on is sung.

Optional Verses: Many hash songs include one or more optional verses that may be sung after completion of the song – sing them at your own risk, as you may wind up the only person singing.

Variant: There are many different variations to hash lyrics, when applicable the most common variations found in Chicago are included.

Actions: Some hash songs are accompanied by specific actions, when applicable a description of those actions is included after the lyrics of the song.

Notes: Any other notes about a song that don’t fit into the other three categories can be found in this section.