Long Songs

Along with your typical down-down songs, hashing also has a tradition of singing songs that can go on for quite a long period of time thanks to any number of optional verses that are offered up by fellow hashers. Usually when this happens hashers will place their glasses or a fist over their head to signify that they have an addition to the song and one or more hashers will choose who should go next – members often learn a handful of verses to these songs and sing them regularly rather than learning every optional verse and attempting to sing them all. Every once in a while a long song may be used for a down-down in circle, with the RA determining how many verses will be sung before the accused must drink their beer.

There are also several long songs that include a number of specific actions that go along with the verses that are sung, whenever possible I’ve included the directions for specific verses immediately following the verse.

Since several of these songs have any number of optional verses, I’ve included several of my favorites for each song and what you see here is by no means an extensive list. It is suggested that if you’re interested in singing long songs you look up some extra verses online, write your own, or even try to ad lib them when we are singing.