CH3 #1248


Chicago Hash #1248 – Post Marathon Hash

Hares: Mudsucker and Just Do Me Slowly (virgin hare) Venue: Mother Hubbard’s (7 W Hubbard) Time: 3:00 pm Cost: $8 or $6 and your own CTA pass for the “L” The big post-Marathon Hash!!! Out of Town Hashers expected: 7 hashers from Tulsa plan on attending. Possibly Florida and DC too.

CH3 #1211


Super Bowl Hash?

STUPERBOWL HASH!!! Hared by Stab’em & Slab’em (et al). Venue is Stab’em & Slab’em’s domain, 1534 E 59th Street, Apt 3M. Bring munchies & get a discount on your Hash Cash. Note: TIME SUBJECT TO CHANGE ACCORDING TO SUPERBOWL SCHEDULE–CALL HOTLINE (312-409-BEER) FOR LATEST UPDATES.