Our next run: CH3 #2440

Chicago Hash House Harriers Run #2440

Sunday, October 1, 2023 2:00 PM

Venue: Illuminated Brew Works – 6186 N. Northwest Highway
Hare: Cuntlery
From the Hare: I’m Haring my 4th anal “German hash” for German unity day in Chicago this year! It’s designed by a walker (me) with mini games and good beer for all! Trail has a midway beer stop and at least 1 shot stop.
Hash Cash: $10

Anthrax 2023! Dec. 15-17

Anthrax 2023 Registration is now Live!

We’re going someplace new this year! Expect the usual Anthrax craziness over 3 days, including the Friday night pre-lube run, and the Sunday hangover run. Your mismanagement still has a lot of things to finalize in the coming months, so please check back occasionally for the latest info.

As always, the CH3 Code of Conduct is in effect. Please review it and comply.

Prices for the 3-day Anthrax weekend will increase the longer you wait, so don’t be dumb – sign up early!
Until August 31st: $89
– September 1st-October 31st: $99
– After October 31st: $119
NOTE: NO REFUNDS! We will take your money and never give it back.

Rego me!

81 hashers rego’d (as of 9/25):

Miss Delivery
Double Meter Beater
Stupid is as Stupid Does
Chlamydia Chlamydia Chlamydia
Where’s my D?
Poly Pocket
Everything Butt Sex
Sass in the Shiggy
Blondie McF
Marbleous Asshole
Mommy’s Little Accident
Sleepy Nom Noms
Gay Dancer
rainbow fuckin’ brite
Beeeestiality B4 Boys
Tacos on a Bridge
Holey Dumpster Fire
Blue balls matter
Slothy Seconds
Bust Her Hymen
Swedish Eagle
Faming Flaggett
Atari 6900
Stain Gretzky
Just Mike
Bottom Wrangler
Spunk In The Trunk
Chunderellie Chunderellie
No Man on the Moon
Steps in Shit
Just Chase / TBD
Balls in the Hole
Le Shartiste
Double Dose of Endolphins
Cum Test Dummy
Spicy Onion Balls
Bit in the Clit of Texas
Gaelic Me
Takes It All
Bless the Cum Down in Africa
Mouthful of Clam
Drop a Pin Slip It In
Ascot to Mouth
Wet, Creamy and Delicious
One Fuck Chuck
… He’s Still Limping
Broke Bitch Mounted
Laura Ingalls Girls Gone Wilder
Weird Al Spankabitch
Pony Poundher
Fear and Boning in Lost Ficus
Wet N Ready
Amish Roadkill
Anita Butt Plug
Slutty Charms
Sick a cock in it
The Perfect Woman
My Uncle’s Girlfriend
Psychedelic Cumfountain
Tuna on Top
Ginger Wallbanger
Don’t Cum on the Puppy
Totally Anal
Wet Spot
Just the Tick
Complementary Nuts
I’m Fucking Nuts
Quarter PoundMe
Hit It In The Wet Spot

Here is the schedule as of today. Expect many tweaks as the event approaches.

$$$ = Included in your weekend rego price.

Friday Dec. 15th
6:00 AM – Day drinking on your own at any of the many watering holes in Chicago. Why not check out Chicago’s Christkindlmarket?

7:00 PM – Check-In for the weekend and pick up your gimmies at TBD $$$. Walk up price $10. By CTA, take TBD line.

7:30 PM On out for the Anthrax Prelube Trail (3~4 miles), hared by Lifa and his helpers. A-to-A’ trail $$$

7:00 PM to 11:00 PM – Enjoy post-run beer at TBD.

11:00 PM to Dawn – Continue drinking on your own.

Saturday Dec. 16th
12:00 PM – Check-in and pick up your gimmies at TBD. Runs will be A-to-B, eventually finishing at   Dovetail Brewery – 1800 W. Belle Plaine Ave.   where we will conduct circle, enjoy eats and party away like it’s 2002. $$$ (no walk-ups)

2:30 – On out for main event trails:

☞ Ball Buster (8+ miles*), hared by

☞ Regular Trail (4~6 miles*), hared by

☞ Walkers Trail (<3 miles*), hared by

* Distances are approximate “true trail” miles and may be reduced if the weather sucks.

Afterwards – Wander the Ravenswood neighborhood where’s you’ll find a veriety of breweries, distilleries and bars.

Sunday Dec. 17th
10:00 AM – Wake up and grab brunch and a Bloody Mary on your own.

Noon – Anthrax Hangover Run aka Dragthrax! (runners, walkers) hared by North Banger Alley & Le Shartiste.  A-to-A at TBD. $$$ or $10 walk-up.

2:00 PM – Circle Up! Indoor circle at our bar with plenty of cheap beer $$$

3:00 PM – Swing low, then GTFO until Anthrax 2024!

5 Days of Hashing!

Yes! Show up in Chicago a few days early and you can hash for 5 days in a row. Details for these runs are still being worked out so check back here as the week approaches. There will be a place to safely store your bag at each run.

Wednesday Dec. 13th
7:00 PM – Run with the Chicago First Crack of the Moon H3 at TBD. Hared by TBD. On-out at 7:30 PM. $5~8

Thursday Dec. 14th
7:00 PM – Run with the Thirstday H3 at TBD, hared by TBD. On-out at 7:30 PM. $10

CH3 #2437

Chicago Hash House Harriers Run #2437

Sunday, September 10, 2023 2:00 PM

Venue: Margaret T. Burroughs Beach & Park – 31st St. & the Lakefront
Hare: Pony Poundher
From the Hare:
Event:  First Sunday trail of the season
Hash Cash: $10