Anthrax 2008

Hare(s): It’s Too Soft (the original Anthrax Scare Hare) and Numerous Unindicted Co-Conspirators
Venue: The Beaumont – 2020 N Halsted (Armitage & Halsted, just East of the Armitage Brown Line)
Hash Cash: Starts @ $35 and up depending on how early you register.

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Hare(s): It’s Too Soft and other Unindicted Co-Conspirators
Venue: The Beamont – 2020 N. Halsted (Armitage & Halsted, just East of the Armitage Brown Line
Party: Private Party Room, 4 hours unlimited Beer & Wine, great food catered by Robinson’s (great ribs, BBQ chicken, etc), dancing under the influence and other great entertainment you just can’t pay for!

Swag: Hazmat Suit, Souvenir Nametag, Commemorative Event T-Shirt. Please note due to environmental concerns please re-cycle your Santa Hats from previous years and/or decorate/ accessorize you own. Prize for best-decorated hat!

Accomodations: Days inn Lincoln Park (~$100/night) or Arlington House Youth Hostel (~$60-$70/night)
Download our PDF rego form, fill out, and mail with check payment to T. Heldmann – 644 W Arlington Pl #2B Chicago IL 60614
Pay via internet on PayPal (note additional PayPal fees apply)
T Shirt Size

Hash Name, Nerd Name, Home Hash

>>> Nov 16th-Dec 7th: $35 ($36.29 PayPal)
>>> Dec 7th -19th: $40 ($41.43 PayPal)
>>> Dec 20th Walk-ups (if available) $45 cash only please
The World’s Longest-Running* Hash Anthrax Scare Celebration**
Saturday, December 20, 2008 Meet at 1400hrs CST, on out at 1430hrs (2:00pm)
Join THE Chicago Hash House Harriers for our Winter 2008 Flagship Event – the 7th Anniversary of Chicago’s Great Anthrax Scare of 2002!!!
This year’s event is once again ALL NEW as we have rented out the HUGE backroom of one of our favorite hash bars, THE BEAUMONT right at Ground Zero of the Lincoln Park “beautiful people” corridor, Armitage & Halsted! This rather unassuming bar by day transforms into a huge dance club for the late night 21-27 year old crowd between midnight and their exceptional closing time of 5am! The hash will be there a tad earlier but for the true die-hards y’all can party there ALL NIGHT!! We had 114 peeps last year for 6th Anthrax and this year we have the space for waaaaay more!
Rego’s and pricing information will be available in October but to the extent we can continue to contain costs despite the cost of like EVERYTHING SKYROCKETING we expect 7th Anthrax to be priced as close as we can to last year and still be one of the BEST VALUES IN HASHING.
To view the authentic news media coverage on the 2002 Anthrax Scare click here
More time to kill? Check out Flying Booger’s remarks on Chicago 6th Antrhax on his Half Mind Blog here and also see the 2007 Anthrax web page as well as Big Hump’s Do My Butt’s writeup about the Great Megabus of Shame incident that followed 6th Anthrax after they hit our hangover and had a few more on the bus.
(*) refers to most consecutive years, not length of trails
(**) longest-running and also the only one that we are aware of
Pre-Lube Pub Crawl – Friday, December 19 @6pm: A “mini” pub crawl in Wrigleyville with 4-6 bars (Drinks are pay-as-you go with Specials TBA)
Hangover Hash – Sunday, December 21@11am: Hared by whoever in chicago MisManageMent can still move. Start location TBA. The usual $8 Hash cash applies but we should have leftover food!
Doubt our street cred? Pix from 2007 can be found by clicking on Pictures in the Nav bar to the right for the CH3’s official pictures as well as other peoples pix Batteries’ Pix and Return 2 Gender’s Pix and So So’s pix Pre-Lube / Anthr@x / Hangover

Click Here To Read About the History
of Chicago’s Great Anthrax Scare Hash

Who’s Coming So Far? PAID REGOS:

Road Warriors:
Anal Warts – Minneapolis H3
Ball Likkah – Minneapolis H3
Clit Eatswood – Minneapolis H3
Just Heidi – Minneapolis H3
Lickety Slit – Minneapolis H3
Minneapolis Mystery Hasher
Little Ho Peep – Minneapolis H3
Fuck Man Chu – Minneapolis H3
Cookie Cumster – Waukesha H3
Cop-U-Lator – Waukesha H3
Just Chris – Waukesha H3
Sphincter Grease – Waukesha H3
Oh My Dawg – Waukesha H3
Just Tomoko – Samurai H3 (Japan)
Wee Willy Nelson – Samurai H3 (Japan)
Balls Deep – Biloxi HHH
Wants Infinity Gets Five – Biloxi HHH
All The Way In – Over The Hump H3 Quantico
Hot Lips – Grand Rapids H3
NAGN – Grand Rapids H3
Unnatural Gas – Cowtown (Columbus) HHH
Fluffer – Sin City H3
Lil Pisster – Sin City H3

Da Localz:
Barks On All Fours -THE Chicago H3
Ballsalotopus -THE Chicago H3
Batteries Not Included – THE Chicago H3
Calvin Klein – THE Chicago H3
Chicken Stiffer – THE Chicago H3
Cuma Slutra – THE Chicago H3
Crop Duster – THE Chicago H3
Dude Where’s My Car? – THE Chicago H3
Glory Hole – THE Chicago H3
Hoosier Daddy – THE Chicago H3
Its Too Soft – THE Chicago H3
Just Angela – THE Chicago H3
Just I Lean -THE Chicago H3
Just Joe – THE Chicago H3
Just Taylor – THE Chicago H3
Lifa -THE Chicago H3
Magnetic Muff – THE Chicago H3
Milk My Yak – THE Chicago H3
Mouthful of Meat – THE Chicago H3
Mudsucker – THE Chicago H3
Odor Eater – THE Chicago H3
Poultry F*cker – THE Chicago H3
R-Tard-E – THE Chicago H3
Rotten Whore – THE Chicago H3
$0.69 Cent Man – THE Chicago H3
Soggy Deposits – THE Chicago H3
Stab’em and Slab’em – THE Chicago H3
Stupid Man – THE Chicago H3
Super Stuffher – THE Chicago H3
Uploader -THE Chicago H3
Corn Star – Other Chicago
International Virgin – Other Chicago
MotorWhore-A – Other Chicago

Environmentally-Friendly Public Transit
From the Lincoln Park/Lakeview “Green Zone”: Red Line to Fullerton, Brown Line to Armitage, hoof it three short blocks East to Hasted and cut North about 50 yards to da bar.

From Wicker Park/Bucktown: Blue Line to Western, Armitage 73 bus to Halsted, hoof it 1/2 block to da bar.
Hop into your hooptie and cruise to Armitage and Halsted. You can park in the Lincoln Park High School lot but be sure to remove your sled before 10pm or you might be paying an additional $120 hash cash to Lincoln Towing by Cabrini Green.

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