Tale of the Trail – CH3 #1576

Dec. 14, 2008 @ O’Lanagans

HASH TRASH – Tale of the Trail
Chicago Hash #1576

HARES: Ginger Snatch, Cumma Slutra, Just Amy
VIRGINS: Just Jana
HASHERS: Snatchsquatch, Chicken Stiffer, Bloody Thighs, Lifa, Just Shaina, Hoosier Daddy, Bang Me Blow Me, Calvin Klein, Bloody Asshole, KGB, Erin GO Buff, Assfault, It’s Too Soft. R-Tard-E, Just I Lean, Cums On I Lean, Super Stufher, Snatchsquatch, Just Andy, Asscapade,


This hash used the old hash bar of O’Lanagans today. Our hares set a decent trail, one that took us by the house of the Governor. I don’t know why there were so many TV cameras around there did something significant happen with him the past couple of days? GINGER SNATCH, CUMMA SLUTRA, and JUST AMY were the beautiful ones who set the trail today in the 50-degree weather, and I thought the Avg. temp. for Chicago in December was 26-degrees. 25 hashers braved this unseasonably warm weather to run in the Lincoln Square neighborhood. Some like JUST SHAINA were so uncomfortable with the temp. that they had to strip off some of their clothes. The chalk talk was given and LIFA and BLOODY ASSHOLE (DRY ERASE BOARD) were off as the FRB’s our visitor SCAM was in close contact. CALVIN and I crossed the park across the street and found trail on the north side of the park. We cut back south and were soon stymied by a Check on Lincoln and Montrose. LIFA I believe screwed this one up but the pack like lemmings followed his mistake. We got to sit on the corner for a while and talk with ASSFAULT who has not been to the CH3 for some time and KGB caught up to the pack after arriving late. The Trail ran west now across the four-lane highway named WESTERN. The pack with BANG ME, BLOW ME hit the Chicago River and ran along its muddy bank until Montrose where we crossed over and made our way to the HOUSE OF ROD. SUPER STUFHER, JUST I LEAN, and I were the leaders at this time and found the beer stop at the House of GINGER SNATCH. CALVIN was the DFL because he stopped to fish in the Chicago River for a few minutes in this balmy weather. I think he caught a Sucker Fish? We had our beers and made our way back to the bar.
Back at the bar the Pumpkin five some of LIFA, SNATHCSQUATCH, HOOSIER DADDY, ASSCAPADES, and I got down-downs for our collective color unison. Calvin would have been included but he changed before circle. CALVIN our RA kept the circle flowing and the beers were poured by Rebecca our bar keep for the day. CUMS ON I LEAN arrived late and was promptly escorted into the circle for her down-down. BLOODY THIGHS and will be happy to see the end of the week when we would be done with our teaching duties and the ANHTHRAX would begin. JUST JANA friend of SNATCHSQUATCH made her first foray into the hashing world today and she even likes beer, which is a plus for a hasher. The hash sang her a nice song and welcomed our new virgin hopefully we will see her next week at the ANTHRAX HASH. The CALVIN circle slowly came to a close but not before one for one of the Denizens of the bar came for a down-down and in his slurred speech he said something that R-TARD-E translated because this man also spoke R-Tardese. SEE YOU ALL AT THE PARTY THAT STARTS FRIDAY!!!