CH3 Hash Ball 2023

Chicago Hash House Harriers Hash Ball 2023

Saturday, February 25, 2023 – 7:00 to 10:00 PM

Venue: The Reveler Chicago – 3403 N. Damen Ave.
Hash Cash: $50 for wristband deal or buy your own booze
CH3 Hash Ball

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From the GM: As close as we can get to Anarchy this year! This year’s Hash Ball empowers YOU to make lots of choices . . . What you drink, what you eat, and what you pay are all up to you. So, don’t muck the night up.
The Reveler will provide a wristband deal if you want it. For 3 hours, 7-10 PM, your $50 allows you to drink what you want (except for shots, meats, and beers in snifters). They will have over 40 beers you can choose! Or cocktails. You can also pay as you go for go for your drinks. The full menu at Reveler will also be available to you as you choose.
We will have the back room to celebrate another year of hashing, announce the results of your votes, and whatever else we do when we’re together.
You’ll pay the Reveler for your shi**y choices; we’re not collecting one thin dime from you. We will need a count though by February 17th. Mark your calendar and we’ll collect your info soon.
This year’s Hash Ball is going to be utopian!

CH3 #2403

Chicago Hash House Harriers Run #2403

Sunday, January 29, 2023 2:00 PM

Venue: The Sedgwick Stop – 1612 N. Sedgwick St.
Hares: Bottom Wrangler & Just Adam
Hash Cash: $10
From the hares: Ever the trend-follower, Bottom Wrangler got laid off, so he’s got nothing better to do than hare in January. Even worse, he’s teaching a virgin hare, Just Adam, how to lay trail. Should be a debaucherous shitshow, come check it out. There will probably also be Fireball because if Wrangler has to suffer, so do all of you.
Trail is A-A. Circle will be on the outdoor patio of the bar, so dress warmly, but bathrooms and indoor heating will be accessible.

CH3 #2402

Chicago Hash House Harriers Run #2402

Sunday, January 22, 2023 2:00 PM

Venue: The House of Stab ‘Em – 6530 S. University Ave.
Hares: Stab ‘Em & Slab ‘Em, The Reverend Shut the Fuck Up & Lifa
Hash Cash: $10
Event:  Snow Hash 15 (The Zombie Snow Hash)
From the hares: We thought it was dead but it’s back for one more go! There will be food, there will be good beer, there will be snow!
Transit Directions: Use the CTA Green Line to Cottage Grove (the terminal). Make sure the sign on the train says Cottage Grove and not Ashland/63rd. Walk south and east a few blocks to the start. We recommend that you do not take the Red Line. You can also take the Metra Electric line from Millennium Station at Randolph & Michigan to 63rd St. Use the exit at the south end of the platform (65th St.) and walk west to University Ave. Check the Metra website for schedules.

CH3 #2400

Chicago Hash House Harriers Run #2400

Sunday, January 8, 2023 2:00 PM

Venue: Spiteful Brewing Tap Room – 2024 W. Balmoral Ave.
Hares: GM Pony Pounder
Hash Cash: $5
Event:  CH3 2400th Run!
From the hares: All CH3 GMs are invited to participate in our kennel turning another century!

CH3 #2399

Chicago Hash House Harriers Run #2399

Monday, January 2, 2023 2:00 PM <<– MONDAY! <<–

Venue: The Embassy – 1435 W. Taylor St.
Hares: Bert’s Special Friend, Crotch Fire & Double Meter Beater
Hash Cash: $10
Event:  Just Justs Run
From the hares: