Anthrax 2015

2015 is almost in the books and that can mean only one thing – time to get your butt to Chicago for The Great Chicago Anthrax Scare & Santa Hat Run before your relatives lull to sleep during the holidays with boring stories.

Once again, no street, alley, or public park in the Windy City is safe as we celebrate how a few stray dollops of flour can shut down an entire neighborhood with food, fun, and, most importantly, beer.

Your rego guarantees you the aforementioned food, fun, and beer, as well as a hazmat suit, commemorative tag, and super-exclusive giveaway (you’re expected to provide your own santa hat, you Big Hump bastards). Who knows, we may go crazy and even have a shirt that can be purchased for an additional cost.


Since it looks like Gispert is going to smile down upon us once again this year with good weather, the Hares have informed me that they will be setting not one, not two, but FOUR different trails for your Anthraxening pleasure. You must choose, but choose wisely –

“Gotta Lose that Muffin Top” BALLBUSTER ~10 miles
“I Believe I Can Fly” EAGLE ~ 7 miles
“At Least I Tried” TURKEY ~ 5 miles
“Give Me Booze Already” WALKERS ~3.5 miles

Each trail cums with at least three different drink stops plus the usual shenanigans that you’ve cum to expect from Anthrax.