Anthrax 2012

Anthrax 2012

Anthrax 2012
The Great Chicago Anthrax Scare & Santa Hat Run

Dec 13th-16th, 2012

Biohazard Madness Since 2002

Nothing says that the holidays are just around the corner like donning your finest hazmat suit and your favorite santa hat and romping around downtown Chicago trying to scare the hell out of all the holiday shoppers. Now in our eleventh year, The Great Chicago Anthrax Scare & Santa Hat Run is back once again in 2012.

We’ve got a truly memorable weekend in store for everyone this time out, so don’t be shy – there are only 130 spaces available so be sure to rego right away for this disaster of biblical proportions!

You have two pricing options for this weekend – the first is an all-inclusive package that covers the cost of trails on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The second option covers only the cost of Saturday’s main event. Don’t worry though, if you don’t know your schedule in advance you can pay at the door for all events, though you will wind up paying a little extra if you can’t make up your mind early.

Weekend Package


Thirstday (12/13 – 7PM) – $8 a’la carte
Your regularly scheduled Thirstday trail haired by O’Shitty Runch

Friday (12/14 – 7PM) – $25 a’la carte
Your Choice of a Mini-Pub Crawl with Pre-Negotiated Drink Specials or a Regular Hash Trail with 2 Beer Stops
Transportation for Your Bags From The Start to the Finish
Both Groups Meet Up to End the Night @ Beaumont’s With Hours of Pizza & Beer

Saturday (12/15 – 1PM) – $45-$65 a’la carte ($45 until Nov 5th, $55 until Dec 12th, $65 after)
Private Party @ O’Neil’s on Wells
Awesome Food
Long Sleeve Hash Shirt & Tag Immortalizing the Event with a design by Mt. Schwiiinga
Customizable Hazmat Suit to wear on trail (markers not included)
Chicago-style Circle RAed by one of our Veteran RAs
Limitless Debauchery

Sunday (12/16 – 11AM) – $8 a’la carte
Hangover trail beginning at the Bears-Packers tailgate
Extra long, extra shitty circle

$75 (until Nov 5th) – $31 savings
$85 (until Dec 12th)* – $21 savings

* – no guarantee of a shirt, tag, or a hazmat suit if regoing after Dec 1st

Payment Options:

(1) Fill out the paypal form at right.**

(2) Download the registration form, print & fill it out, and pay Snatchsquatch at your next Chicago H3 Hash.

(3) Download the registration form, print & fill it out, and mail it along with a check payable to “Brett Gray” to the following address:

B. Gray
4306 N. Saint Louis Ave 3C
Chicago, IL 60618

(4) Show up the day of the event with cash and have everyone pissed off at you.

** – Paypal fees apply


Shirt Size (Unisex)

Hash Name / Home Hash

PayPal – The safer, easier way to pay online!

Coming in from out of town? Not to worry. There are plenty of options for getting to and from Chicago. You can always fly in O’Hare (ORD) or Midway (MDW), take the Amtrack in to Union Station, take the Mega Bus, or you could even carpool up with your closest hash friends.

Need crash space? Don’t worry about that either – shoot Two Girls, One Cupcake an email by 5pm on Monday, December 10th and she’ll coordinate with the rest of the Chicago H3 group to set you up with the perfect crash space partner (after that you’re on your own). Let her know how many people are coming, what nights you need crash space, and if you have any specific requests. If you’d rather find your own crash space you’re also welcome to post a message either in the comments, in our Yahoo! Group, on our Facebook page, via e-mail, or over our twitter, and we’ll do our best to set you up with a welcoming hasher. If you don’t want to stay with hasher, that’s cool too – the Chicago H3 suggests finding a room at the Travelodge Downtown Chicago as it is just a few blocks from the Main Event on Saturday. You can also try the Days Inn Lincoln Park or at the Chicago Getaway Hostel, but be advised that no group rate has been procured from these institutions.

Still not convinced? Let’s see who else is coming:

Hash Name Home Hash
Dewey Sexual System Big Hump H3
Snatchsquatch Chicago H3
Weird Al Spankabitch Blooming Fools H3
Just Ehhh Chicago H3
Feather Chicago H3
Three Inch King Big Hump H3
Lifa Chicago H3
2:19 From Chicago Big Hump H3
Free Mustache Rides Big Hump H3
Disco Ass St. Louis H3
Ass Capades Chicago H3
Clark Kunt Chicago H3
Two Hairnets Chicago H3
Lock Nut Monster Big Hump H3
Pool Job Chicago H3
O’Shitty Runch Chicago H3
That Thing That Vibrates Chicago H3
Two Girls, One Cupcake Chicago H3
Pees Like A Princess Big Hump H3
Ginger Snatch Chicago H3
Math Sucks, Let’s Fuck! DC Road Whores H3
Wreath Around White House H3
TrAInWrECk Big Hump H3
Just Brian #3 Chicago H3
Can’t Find Pussy In A Haystack DC Road Whores
Sucks the Dick Indy Scent H3
Corn Star Chicago H3
Return to Gender Madison H3
Hood Whorenament Chicago H3
Lucy St. Louis H3
Cuntput Indy Scent
Sphincter Grease Waukesha H3
Roll-On Washington DC H3
EOD Hill Country H3
Rhotan Second City H3
Just Mary Chicago H3
Fistful of Pricks Voodoo H3
Totally Anal Second City H3
Smells Like Twat Sweat Thirstday H3
Slippery Fingers Thirstday H3
Sandy Syphilis Chicago H3
Drill in my Box Chicago H3
Sorry I Swallowed Chicago H3
Chunder Pussy Chicago H3
Reverse Muff Diver Chicago H3
Chicken Stiffer Chicago H3
Poultry Fucker Chicago H3
Just Brian #42 VIRGIN RUN!
The Dark Kunt Thirstday H3
Back Door County Chicago H3
Hoosier Daddy Chicago H3
Just Noga Chicago H3
Glory Hole Chicago H3
Urine Love California Larrikins H3
Just Grace Thirstday H3
Faming Flaggett Dallas Urban H3 (DUHHH)
IV Dallas Urban H3 (DUHHH)
Cookie Cumster Waukesha H3
Finger Pricking Good Little Rock H3
Rotten Chicago H3
It’s Too Soft Waukesha H3
Brown Eye for the Gay Guy DC Road Whores

Where’s Everyone Coming From?

Kennel # Regoed
Chicago H3 29
Big Hump H3 6
Thirstday H3 4
DC Road Whores H3 3
Waukesha H3 3
Dallas Urban H3 (DUHHH) 2
Indy Scent H3 2
Second City H3 2
St. Louis H3 2
Blooming Fools H3 1
California Larrikins H3 1
Hill Country H3 1
Little Rock H3 1
Madison H3 1
Voodoo H3 1
Washington DC H3 1
White House H3 1

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