GM Erection Results 2011

Here is a list of the hash ball winners in case you weren’t able to join us:

GM – Snatchsquatch
Best Trail – Anthrax Hangover
Worst Trail – Anthrax Trail
Best On In – EZ on the Ass – St. Patrick’s Day
Front Running Bastard – Uploader
Front Running Bimbo – 10 Dix with Wings
Best Beer Stop – Glory Hole – Metropolitan Brewery
DFL – R-TardE
Beer Wench – Corn Star
Non Running Wussy – Calvin Klein
Hash Bimbo – Wizard Sleeves
Hash Wanker – EZ on the Ass
Hash Shit – Virgin Banger and Rent-a-Virgin for having a baby
Hash Couple – Beer Spill Valdez and Mt. Schwiiinga
Bill January – Sin Calzones – White Trash Hash outfit
Best Hash Bar – 4 Trey’s
Visiting Hasher – Return to Gender

If your name is on this list and you’d like your pretty award certificate, let me know. I’ll try to remember who your proxy was and see if we can hunt it down.

Congrats to all the wieners!

On On,