CH3 #1610

Chicago Hash #1610 9th Annual Power of the Pussy, 7.18.09 @ Manhattan’s

Hare(s): The PoP9 Harrierettes
Venue: A-B Starting at Manhattan’s Bar, 415 S Dearborn
Hash Cash: $40 June 2 – July 17; $45 walk-up

Environmentally-Friendly Public Transit ?
From the Lincoln Park/Lakeview “Green Zone”: Red Line to Fullerton, Brown Line to Library/Van Buren, hoof it South a block to da bar.
From Wicker Park/Bucktown: Blue Line to Jackson, hoof it a block and half South on Dearborn to da bar.

Driving ?
Hop into your hooptie and schlep your sled to Dearborn between Congress and Van Buren. Good luck with parking.

Registration forms available: Click Here To Download

For our visitors, we have secured 15 rooms at the Red Roof Inn (Downtown.). The standard double room rate is $84.99 (plus tax). 15 Rooms are guaranteed until July 7th. When booking, mention “Chicago Hash House Harriers – Group Code # B281CHIHAS”

Call hotel directly at (312)787-3580 to make the reservation.
162 E. Ontario
Chicago, IL

Also, parking is available for $36/day with in/out access.

Commorative event t-shirt is now included in the rego price!!! PLEASE NOTE WE NEED TO HAVE YOUR REGO IN HAND JULY 1ST SO WE CAN PLACE THE SHIRT ORDER, NON OF THIS POSTMARK B.S.! (sorry, ordering logistics!)

Other purrrrfect activities planned for the weekend:

Hashpitality Suite at the Party Central Skydeck
Friday Afternoon, July 17, 2009 – Sunday July 19, 2009
starting around 3pm, $5 VIP Backstage pass gets you all the beer you can drink (until we kill the keg) and a grille out Saturday at Noon before the PoP main event (get some food in ya before some serious drinkin’!).
Party Central SkyDeck (a.k.a. Ruji’s Foofdeck)
933 W Wolfram St., Rooftop (come up stairs in the back)

Hashpitality Suite is Back For PoP 9!

Just like I did last year for PoP I will once again be opening up the Party Central SkyDeck for use as Hashpitality where people can hang out and have a beer or two during downtimes before/after the PoP events themselves.

This year for Hashpitality we will be selling $5 “VIP Backstage Passes” which will get you a special tag (you will need to display your backstage pass while at Hashpitality so that Security does not escort you off the premises), all the beer you can drink (until we kill the keg) and a BBQ luncheon at Noon Saturday (food is on a first-come basis as there’s a limit to what we can do here for five bucks!).

Doors open 3pm (or so) Friday afternoon and close a half hour before the next PoP event to allow for travel time. Doors open Saturday and Sunday depending on when we can drag our hungover butts out of bed.

For the one or two people who don’t know this yet, the Party Central SkyDeck (aka “Ruji’s Foofdeck) is at 933 W. Wolfram St right next to the Diversey Brown Line station. Parking should be a little less horrific than normal as the Cubs are out of town, however public transit is still HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Hit my cell 312-925-6386 if lost or to verify we’re awake (hopefully I should be getting a new battery this week so it will work by then!)

Party on on to PoP 9!!!


Dangling Dick Pub Crawl
Friday night, July 17, 2009
7pm start, $10 wristband gets you great drink specials all night. Proceeds will be donated to National Cervical Cancer Coalition

6-8 McFadden’s, 1206 N. State $1 Dos Equis, 1/2 price nachos

8-9PM Bootlegger’s, 13 W. Division. Specials: $3 MGD 64 and Highlife; $3 SV Supreme vodka cocktails, $.50 off all other drinks! $8 domestic pitchers

9-10 Pippin’s Tavern, 806 N. Rush: Specials: $3 MGD 64 and Highlife; $4 Jim Beam Black Cocktails, $.50 off all other drinks! $8 domestic pitchers

10-12am (or perhaps later), Streeter’s – 50 E. Chicago. Specials: $3 MGD 64 and Highlife; $4 Jim Beam Black Cocktails; $8 domestic pitchers, $.50 off all other drinks!

Please note that pitchers are limited at Bootlegger’s and Pippen’s since that’s not something they normally do.

Environmentally-Friendly Public Transit ?
From the Lincoln Park/Lakeview “Green Zone”: Red Line to Clark & Division and hoof it a couple a blocks East. Bar is on Division between Dearborn and State.

From Wicker Park/Bucktown: Blue Line to Division, Division 70 bus East to da bar. Bar is on Division between Dearborn and State.

Driving ?
Hop into your hooptie and schlep your sled to Division between Dearborn and State. Good luck finding parking around here!

PoP 9 Hangover Hash
Sunday, July 19 2009
12:00pm NOON, $5
Location Kasey’s – 701 S. Dearborn A-B!!!

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Whooz Cumming, So Far:

69 Cent Man Chicago H3
Anal Assault Chicago H3
Anal Puker Chicago H3
Asscapades Chicago H3
Ballcock Dumper Chicago H3
Burning Asshole Big Hump
Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey TH3
Chicken Stiffer Chicago H3
Corn Star TH3
Crop Duster Chicago H3
Double Fister IndyScent
Erin Go Buff Chicago H3
Finger Picking Good Little Rock H3
Fish Lips IndyScent
Fistful of Pricks Chicago H3
Front Running Blond
Gay Blade Big Hump
Ginger Snatch Chicago H3
Glory Hole Chicago H3
Hasher of a Thousand Names Chicago H3
Hoosier Daddy Chicago H3
Horn-E Bushman
Hot Lips Grand Rapids H3
Ice Princess Chicago H3
International Virgin 2CH3
It’s Too Soft Chicago H3
Just Allie Chicago H3
Just Daniel Chicago H3
Just Drew TH3
Just Job Chicago H3
Just Jordan TH3
Just Julie TH3
Just Kestrel TH3
Just Mike TH3
Just Nettie Chicago H3
Lawrence of the Labia IndyScent
Lifa Chicago H3
Likes it on the Bottom Chicago H3
MotorWhoreA Chicago H3
Mount Schwiiinga TH3
Mouthful of Meat Chicago H3
Odor Eater Chicago H3
Oral Persuasion IndyScent
Poke His Anus TH3
Poultry Fucker Chicago H3
R Tard E Chicago H3
Return to Gender MadisonH3
Ricky’s Crab Shack Big Hump
Rotten Whore Chicago H3
Salty Gash Chicago H3
Show Me Your Tits IndyScent
Snatchsquatch Chicago H3
Soul Taco Chicago H3
Spread’em Bitch Long Beach H3
Stairmaster MadisonH3
Super Stuff’er Chicago H3
Tit Mouse Big Hump

On-On to PoP!

Salty Gash
PoP 9 Treasurer
“I don’t need more cowbell… I need more Pussy!”

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