CH3 #1600

Chicago Hash #1600 5.24.09, 2pm @ Claddaugh Ring – 5th Annual Memorial Day Hash

May 24, 2009 7:33 am / itstoosoft

Hare(s): Virgin Banger, Smell This, Odor Eater, and Rent-a-Virgin
Venue: A-B starting at Claddagh Ring – 2306 W. Foster (Western Brown Line Stop)
Hash Cash: Still only a mere $18 this will get you great food and lots of great GOOSE ISLAND BEER and a free #1600 shirt for the first 50 hashers to sign up!
Kick off Summer 2009 the right way with the 5th Annual Memorial Day Hash ending at the Virgins’ casa. Expect the full blown Memorial Day party at the on-in including several kegs of GOOD BEER, tons of great food and party games to keep those whose Ritalin perscriptions have run out entertained! !

• A –B run The B will be at CASA DE VIRGIN BANGER and RENTA VIRGIN

Environmentally-Friendly Public Transit ?
From the Lincoln Park/Lakeview “Green Zone”: Red Line to Belmont, Brown Line to Western, North on Western to Foster and East to Oakley.

From Wicker Park/Bucktown: Blue Line to Jefferson Park, #81 Lawrence bus East to Western, North on Western to Foster and East to Oakley.

Driving ?
Hop into your hooptie and schlep your sled to Foster & Oakley.

Who’s Cumming?

Anal Assault
Batteries No Included
Bang Me Blow Me Get Me Off
Calvin Klein
Chicken Stiffer
Cop-U-Later – Waukesha HHH
Crop Duster
Cuma Slutra
Ez on the Ass
Feelin’ Lucky C*** – Waukesha HHH
Fishlips – Indyscent HHH
Fuji / Its Too Soft
Gigner Snatch
Grumpy Crotch Muncher
Hoosier Daddy
Horny Again
Ice Princess
Just Amiele
Just Christine
Just Genesis
Just Kelly
Just Sarah
Just Shania
Just Todd

Motor Whore-a
Mount Schwiiinga
Mouthful of Meat
OnOff – Blentar HHH Sweden
Oral Pursusaion – Indyscent HHH
PackHer Ass
Pissing Ditzy – Indyscent HHH
Poultry F*cker
Pussy Wipt – El Paso
Renta Virgin
Rotten’ Whore
Salty gash
ShowMe Your Tits – Indyscent HHH
Smell This
Super Stuf’her
Virgin Banger
Wall Bang’her

• COST= $18 this will get you great food and lots of Beer Maybe a t-shirt?? The prepaids who hit the deadline will get shirts, after that it’s a roll of the dice! But for 18 bucks where else in Chicago can you get this kind of all-day entertainment?? The defense rests.

• Hash Hotels: Days Inn Lincoln Park (~$100/night)
http://www.lpndaysi html
Arlington House (~$50/60/night)

• Also a few hashers have offered up some Crash space so lease e-mail me if you wish to go this route chickenstiffer@

http://www.megabus. com/us/ For vistors who wish to travel for cheap.

CHICAGO HASH #1600 $18 Until May 1st $22 until May 10th $26 Until May 23rd and Finally $30 at the DOOR!!
If you pay via Paypal, including PayPal fees the prices are $18.82 until 5/1, $22.94 until 5/10, $27.05 Until May 23rd

Chicken Stiffer & Erin Go Buff

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