CH3 #1570

Chicago Hash #1570

Hare(s): R Tard E & I Like Dick
Venue: The Atlantic – 5062 N. Lincoln
Hash Cash: Still only a mere $8 despite Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s claims of “exhaustion”. Yeah, right. NOTE THE CH3 WILL BE HOLDING OUR FALL MISMANAGEMENT MEETING AT 1PM BEFORE THIS HASH, ALSO AT THE ATLANTIC BAR. SEE AGENDA BELOW

1. Bears vs Detroit @ NOON show up early to cheer the Bears to VICTORY!!

2. Mismanagement Meeting for all interested Chicago Hashers will start around half-time or 1 pm’ish

3. CHICAGO HASH WILL meet at 2 pm and run at 2:30 pm

Come get DICKED and R-TARD-ed on this f****d up trail

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