Tale of the Trail – CH3 #1569


Oct. 26, 2008 Pumping Company

HARES: Virtually Hung, Bloody thighs


VISITORS: Cervix so laid, Barking Sphincter from Mars (Silicon Valley)

HASHERS: Chicken Stiffer, Ez Sunday, Just Ira, W’All Bangher, Rhotan, Super Stuff’her, Menage a Twat, R-Tard-E, Horn-e, Soar Balls, Wrapper Snatcher, Porcelain God, Just I Lean, Mudsucker, Good Swallow, Sir Poops A Lot, Stupid Man, Stab’em and Slab’em, Virgin Banger, Buffalo Nuts, Rearguard, Crop Duster, Mouthful of Meat, More Tail, Rotten Whore, Motorwhora, Hoosier Daddy, Glory Hole, Cums on I Lean, Special Head, Bush Lite, Mount Schwiiiinga, Snatchsquatch, It’s Too Soft, Poultry F*cker, Chicken Stiffer, Cumma Slutra, Just Allen, Calvin Klein, Batteries not Included, Dickens Cider, KGB, Magnetic Muff, The Enema Canal, Princess Labia, 69-cent Man, 2 tickets to pair-a-thighs, The Great Lochness Cockster, International Virgin, Kunta Kinta


The Hash stars were in alignment and the CH3 joined with 2nd city this past weekend for the annual Halloween Hash and celebrate CHICAGO HASHES 1569 hash!!!! The Hash saw roughly 55 hashers come out and run around the Rogers Park neighborhood. Many memorable costumes were worn. Our Hares Virtually Hung and Bloody Thighs were Elvis and a witch respectively and other memorable people were Glory Hole as Quimby the Mayor from the Simpson’s or Mouthful of Meat looking like a ladybug. Horn-e and Rhotan stood together and came as Jack Lemon and Walter Matheiu from the movie “Grumpy Old Men”. Just Ira was cute in her German beer wench outfit maybe we will name him this week before she leaves for Germany. It’s too Soft made his usually political statement and came as a government bailout plan can you get George to send us some money for beer?? Cums on I Lean and Just I Lean reversed their roles and allowed Cums on I Lean to wear the pants in the family for one hash. We got everyone together outside and our obliging hares ran the circle giving mis-directions for our lovely pack to follow. I had to put my bag in the shag wagon so when I got back the pack was gone but Mount Schwiiiinga I heard was one of our FBI’s today. Ménage a Twat and 2 Tickets to Pair Thighs were pirates out scouring the trail for a little booty on trail hopeful The Great Lochness Cockster obliged them later on in the night. KGB, Crop Duster, and Just I Lean seemed to be FRB’s most of the day but Crop Duster was laying his own trail with a mysterious white powder trailing from his behind. Eventually we made our way to the on in which was the house/condo of KGB? Hashers sucked down beer and ate the sweets left out by our hares. The pack put a big stink into that place and like usually hashers we left soon after that.

We got back to the bar and were thankful for the $5 pitchers of beer that we drank. Calvin Klein and The Enema Canal got the circle going and the bar even opened the downstairs bars so pitchers could be refilled quickly. International Virgin was asked to flap for us and soon More Tail and Rotten Whore showed up in from trail, but did Rotten really run the trail in High Heels? Poultry Fucker was the birthday girl today which why we left early today. We had some visitors from Silicon Valley Cervix so Laid and Barking Sphincter Monkey. Princess Labia kept yelling buy breast fest gear but couldn’t be heard over the yelling from Dickens Cider. R-Tard-E rode the short bus to the hash today and forgot his costume, and Virgin Banger wrote him a ticket for lack of hash spirit. There were many more people in attendance but I had to leave for someone’s Birthday dinner see you this SUNDAY at NOON for the BEARS game 1 pm’ish for the Mismanagement Meeting and 2 pm for the hash


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