Tale of the Trail – CH3 #1570

Chicago hash Tale of the Trail 11.2.08 and Tuesday Election Party

Nov. 2, 2008 Bar Atlantic
HARES: I Like Dick, R-Tard-E
VIRGINS: Just Jennifer, Just Damon, Just Hooper
HASHERS: Chicken Stiffer, Erin Go Bra, Calvin Klein, Mouthful of Meat, It’s Too Soft, Horn-e, Up Loader, Soggy Deposit, Are they Real, Cumma Slutra, Stupid Man, Stab’em and Slab’em, Hoosier Daddy, Crop Duster, Snatchsquatch, Just Kat, W’All Bang’her, Just Ira, More Tail, KGB, Just Taylor, Mudsucker, Dry Erase Board
TOTAL HASHERS – 29 yes there were 29 hashers on such a nice day!!!!!

Today the hash started early with some of us getting together to watch the Bears play and eventually win against the Lions. Stupidman, Calvin Klein, and I watched the Bears pull of the fantastic finish. 29 hashers eventually hashed today with I Like Dick playing the part of interpreter for R-Tard-E who spoke R-Tard-ese. The circle was a little different today with I like Dick bouncing around the circle asking for names but it seemed to work. The pack was off and Stupidman, Calvin Klein, and I went back inside to watch the game. After the game we walked to the beer stop and ran into Mouthful of Meat, Just Taylor, Dry Erase Board, and Erin Go Bra coming back to the bar. Mouthful of Meat perturbed because she missed the beer stop so we took them back to the parking garage and found the pack drinking on the roof. Just Jennifer and Just Damon said they had a good time and will be back in the future and Up Loader gets the award this year for bringing many virgins to the hash. His virgin Just Hooper also had a good time and he was seen later talking with a 2nd time running Just Kat in circle hopefully we will see them many times in the future months.


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