CH3 #1548

Chicago Hash #1548 – 6.9.08 @ Time Out Sports Bar

Hare(s): Super Stuff’her & Mouthful of Meat
Venue: Time Out Sports Bar – 4641 N Rockwell
Hash Cash: Still only a mere $8 despite OMG the Cubs having the best record in baseball since the First Roosevelt Administration (1908)! Live long enough you’ll see everything and possibly something else too. I predict a Cubs World Series victory in October 5046. You heard it here first.

Come join Super Stuff’her (and Mouthful of Meat) as he celebrates his 12th birthday in Hash out in the mythical land of dragons & unicorns abd where the Brown Line runs on the GROUND!

Environmentally-Friendly Public Transit ?
From the Lincoln Park/Lakeview “Green Zone”: Red Line to Belmont, Briown Line to Rockwell, bar is like Party Central, i.e. right next to the Brown Line Station at Rockwell & Eastwood.
From Wicker Park/Bucktown: Blue Line to Jefferson Park, Lawrence #81 bus East to Rockwell, hoff it 1-1/2 blocks South to Eastwood & Rockwell.

Driving ?
Hop into your hooptie and cruise to Eastwood & Rockwell. Parking is fairly plentiful this far outside of the Green Zone, just not on the L tracks, please. There is just something juar so wrong about da L being on da ground!

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