September 31 Hash

First Annual Chicago End of Summer Celebration Hash on “September 31”

Chicago Run #1511

Chicago mismanagement, after discussing at length the dilemma caused by the fact there are two weeks between the last Monday of September and first Sunday of October (our traditional Fall cutover) and not wanting to skip an entire week, it was initially decided to pull Sundays forward to September 30th.

The it occurred to us that instead of gloomily declaring the start of Fall earlier, it would be more fun to extend Summer one week later and do a final Summer Monday night hash in the interim week. But how to play within the rules? The answer – let’s declare Monday, October 1 to be honorary “September 31” (no we were not drinking at the time we thought of this!).

Therefore it is with great pleasure that we announce Monday, September 31 to be our final Monday night hash of Summer 2007 and First Annual End of Summer Hash. As this is a new date it is currently open for hares so anyone interested in haring please contact the hare raisers – Batteries Not Included & Mouthful of Meat

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