Tale of the Trail – CH3 #1465

Chicago Hash 11/19/06 Hash Trash
Hares: Cum in My Assfault & Boner Malfunction

The Hash was supposed to start around 2:30 pm after the mismanagement meeting held at It’s too Soft’s place. The irony was that the hares made most of this meeting instead of setting trail. This pushed the start time of the hash closer to 3 pm but are there rules to hashing?!?!? Boner and Cum in My Assfault lead the circle which included 2nd time hasher Just Inga, who even brought a new virgin Just Jessie. Just Inga also bought a rego for the 1469/Anthrax hash so the hash seems to have corrupted another young mind, oh what a waste! The hares then informed the circle that the first part of trail would be live and they would need 12 minutes for a cranium start. Lifa and Virtually Hung lead the circle in a warm up to Father Abraham. While this was going on Smell This tried to be sneaky and stuffed the CH3 flag into the garbage which he got a down-down for at the ON-IN.

After the warm up the hash took off up Broadway and began to follow this f***** up trail with Assflac, Lifa, and Happy Ass Grabber leading the pack. The trail wound thru the Lakeview neighborhood and came to a serious check on the corner of Belmont and Halsted. Here the pack ran into a stone wall on trail which caused some serious check hanging to be done by Bloody Thighs, Magnetic Muff, and Sugar Nipples. The trail went SW thru the bank and was sniffed out by 2-Tiks to a Pair a Thighs, maybe she should try navigating one of her flights for United? The trail kept going SW and seemed to be on a direct line back to PARTY CENTRAL, but NO!!!! The flag bearer, Chicken Stiffer found trail going thru Illinois Masonic Hospital along with Furberger and Lifa. It followed the EL line for a few blocks and went West on Diversey to a screwed up check on Lincoln and Diversey. Here the pack separated and Princess Labia went one way Horn-E went another and Mudsucker just got lost or
did he??

The trail eventually was found to make its way South towards the original party central and a pack formed around Flying Hooter’s but does she constitute a pack by herself? Ask the Thursday crowd about that one!! The Beer Near and Beer was located and Boner had Beer and Rum for the pack. Sir Poops A Lot grabbed a berry beer I thought those were for the chicks?? We have to say our good-byes to POOPS and Special Head because they are leaving for Hawaii. What a load of crap can’t take the cold you two? And you will miss 1469!!! I heard many hashers complaining later that the trail sucked because they missed the beer stop. But if the Virgin, Just Jessie, can find the beer what is your excuse? Even Milk-My-Yak partook of the fine amber of the Gods before leaving for home.

The ON IN was at Friar Tuck’s where the Hares were lambasted for their nonchalant trail setting attitude. They were nailed at least three times for such a shitty trail, but they did make up for it in FOOD. Virtually Hung guest RA’d for the day and welcomed our new virgin Just Jessie who learned quickly not to wear new shoes to a hash. Free food seems to be an ongoing theme for the hash lately because those who showed up on Sunday got a free TURKEY dinner at the Tuck. Have a Happy Turkey Day and we will wee you next weekend!!


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