CH3 #1466

Sunday 11/26/2006 @2pm
Chicago HHH #1466

Hare(s): Horn-E.
Venue: Cumberland (8400 W) and Irving Park (4000 N).

A to B – B: Heeny’s (2nd Old Style sign West of Cumberland on Irving)

Horn-E Woods Shiggy Run. Come experience one of Chicago’s most experienced hares in his element. Guaranteed to have a good time!

This would be an all woods hash. Let’s get out in the woods while the weather is still warm. Current predicted weather is 48 and partly cloudy. In the woods there is very little wind. It should be perfect for running. Meet at the Bus shelter. Calvin Klein can just head to the Old Style Bar and Batteries Not Included will be expected to hash with us. No excuses. She’s hared here before. I’m going to try something a little different on course. I ran it by OrG and he likes the idea. If the pack just plays along, it should be fun. Come on out and see what the surprise is. It can only be done here. $6

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