Mismanagement Highlights

11/19/06 – Mismanagement Highlights

Thanks to all of those people who showed up or submitted information.

Present: Chicken Stiffer-GM, Calvin Klein-RA, Stump Humper-RA, It’s too Soft- WEB Master, Milk-My-Yak-Haberdashery, Horn-E, Batteries Not Included, CP, Boner Malfunction, Cums in My Assfault, Virtually Hung, Rotten Whore, and Mudsucker


After yesterdays meeting the CH3 has $2056 in the bank $687 of it is 1469 $$.
We have made $70 so far from t-shirt sales.
Up to $300 was approved to buy more whistles for CH3.
1469/Anthrax hash

We have 40 hashers signed up for 1469 already. 1469/Anthrax should only cost the hash about $150.
We have visitors coming in from Minneapolis, Indy, St. Louis, Milwaukee, KC, Little Rock, and Grand Rapids let�s show them how to PAR-TAY!!!!
We also have 3 virgins signed up already.
Hare Raiser- Rearloader

Rearloader continues to do a commendable job but we can help him out by volunteering to be a hare, and finding venues that have beer specials. If your stuck try this website http://www.drinktown.com/chicago.html to find a bar.

12 bars of Christmas bar crawl on Dec. 2. 300+ people show up
Dec. 9th PEARL HARBOR in Waukesha

We will put in an order for long sleeve t-shirts this week.
The hash decided to buy more whistles with the CH3 label on them.
Virtual is checking out a Dri-knit shirt for us

Rotten Whore and Stump Humper will begin to plan this event.
The date for Hashball is set for FEB. 24!!!

Calvin & Stump Humper wants to introduce one new song to the hash a month so please learn it.
We have found the RA robes and will use them on special occasions.
1500 HASH

The hash decided 1500th will be on JULY 21, 2006 mark your calendar�s!!!
The committee for this hash is Virtual, Milk, Mouthful, It�s too Soft, and GM.
The committee will decide who hares this hash and where it will be.

Non-drinkers- The hash voted to leave this issue up to the GM.
Nomination ballots will come out in JAN.
Chicken Stiffer

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