Mismanagement Meeting

Sunday 8/14/2006 @ 6pm
Chicago HHH Summer 2006 Mismanagement Meeting (not a hash)

Hare(s): GM – Chicken Stiffer
Venue: It’s Too Soft’s Rooftop Skydeck at the New Party Central – 933 W. Wolfram

(1 blk North of Diversey and 1/4 block East of Sheffield, by the Diversey Brown Line stop and Cherry Red).

Note the city tickets residential zone 383 aggressively so stay off the side streets and park in metered spots (check for Sunday open status) on Diversey or Sheffield. Please come up the stairs in the back of the building to the roof.

Fuji is allowing us to use his roof deck for the meeting. We can cook out and drink some. Those who wish to eat and drink can throw in a few dollars.

ALL hashers are welcome to attend

1. Current Budget
2. Anthrax Hash/ 1469
3. Phone line charge for other Hashes
4. Haberdashery
5. RW request for money for POP
6. Recruiting ideas
7. Board reports. Hare Raiser, Social Dude, RA

if you have anything else you want to attach to this agenda please send it to: [email protected]

Chicken Stiffer

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