CH3 #1432

Sunday 4/9/2006 @ 2pm
Chicago HHH Run # 1432

Hare(s): Chicken Stiffer & Virgin Banger

Venue: O’Lanagan’s – 2335 W. Montrose

Spitting distance from the Western Brown Line Stop, just South and East a couple blocks on Montrose

Note The First Mismanagement Meeting of the Chicken Stiffer Administration Will Be @ 1pm before the hash!

If you wish to air your views about The Great Hash Charity Scandal of 2006 with the “Jack Abramoff” of the hash or discuss other matters, get your butt out to O’Lanagan’s @ 1pm! You do not have to be part of current mismanagement to attend – this is a free and open forum. God bless America!

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