CH3 #1258

The First Annual* Chicago HHH


*If this is really a silly idea we just won’t do this again, but we’ll give it a try!

Sunday, December 22, AD 2002

3:00pm Central Standard Time

Starting Location: Hidden Shamrock

2723 N. Halsted (Just South of Diversey)

It’s the bloody middle of winter, so rather than run in something as patently insane as a red dress, why not pick something that is WARM instead, not to mention something inexpensive, ubiquitous, and seasonal? From this rare and unusual flash of good sense the idea was born for the idea for the inaugural Chicago Santa Hat Run.
You are cordially invited to cum and join It’s Too Soft haring his inaugural Chicago kennel hash from the warm, cozy confines of the Hidden Shamrock. Yes, it is one of the classic Lincoln Park yuppie bars where all the “beautiful people” hang out to see and be seen, but it’s gonna get coyote ugly real quick when the hash shows up. And be nice to Cathy, the manager at “the Rock”. She’s super cool.

As an added incentive, FREE SANTA HATS will be given out to the first 25 hashers who show up at the bar, courtesy of the hare, to ensure that the inaugural “Santa Hat Run” has plenty of Santa Hats – duh. If you already have a Santa hat and/or plan on being a “later arrival” please bring your own as not having a Santa hat is like going to a Red Dress Run wearing just grey sweats. Plus it’ll keep your head warm. Wal*Mart has some really nice plush ones for about four bucks. Menard’s has some decent ones too for around two bucks, but they can also be found almost anywhere this time of the year.

The trail will include an unruly combination of

Some of the historically significant sites (locations) in Lincoln Park

Some of the visually attractive sights (also known as Lincoln Park “Trixies” – more information can be found at the Lincoln Park Trixie Society website at in some of the Village’s toniest and most festivally decorated shopping districts and

At least one beer stop.

As well as some of the best shiggy to be found in all of 60614 (okay, so it’s the second most expensive zip code in the City of Chicago so don’t expect too much).

Getting to “the Rock” is easy as it’s just Southeast of the busy Halsted & Diversey intersection (2800N 800W). Best bet is the Diversey Brown Line stop which is two blocks West of the bar, or the Halsted 8 bus. Parking is a bit tricky but findable on Sundays. Just be aware of the Zone 143 Resident permit streets (which are most side streets in that ‘hood). Enforcement runs from 6:00pm to midnight.

Questions? Comments? Nagging doubts about one’s ability to do multiple down-downs? Or just plain lost among the clearly marked streets of Chicago. Contact the hare at [email protected] or 414-218-4521. The number at the Hidden Shamrock itself is (773) 883-0304.

On on!

p.s. don’t forget that Santa hats are HEADGEAR and thus should not be worn in the circle!

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