CH3 #2463

Chicago Hash House Harriers Run #2463

When: Sunday, February 25, 2024 2:00 PM
Where: Parrot’s Bar & Grill – 754 W Wellington Ave. CTA Wellington Brown line or 22 bus)
Hare: Bottom Wrangler
How much: $10 hash cash
Why: Our own Lost Her Penis is dropping… was it a deuce? Maybe a record? The record is probably a deuce. Go listen to it at 1PM at Gramaphone down the street, cum rage with your real friends at 2, and we’ll all meet back up at Parrot’s when his show ends for the weirdest mix of nerds since that orgy you passed on.

Oh, and there’s a new GM, but yaaawn politics.
If you need seltzers, ciders, and/or walker’s trails, let me know ASAP!
Deets and treats: trail is A to A, indoor on in, all kinds of checks other than our usual X-Men symbol, cloudy with a chance of nudity, fireball, 40-year-old “scene kids,” $15 pitchers, and most glorious rage.