CH3 Hash Ball 2023

Chicago Hash House Harriers Hash Ball 2023

Saturday, February 25, 2023 – 7:00 to 10:00 PM

Venue: The Reveler Chicago – 3403 N. Damen Ave.
Hash Cash: $50 for wristband deal or buy your own booze
CH3 Hash Ball

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From the GM: As close as we can get to Anarchy this year! This year’s Hash Ball empowers YOU to make lots of choices . . . What you drink, what you eat, and what you pay are all up to you. So, don’t muck the night up.
The Reveler will provide a wristband deal if you want it. For 3 hours, 7-10 PM, your $50 allows you to drink what you want (except for shots, meats, and beers in snifters). They will have over 40 beers you can choose! Or cocktails. You can also pay as you go for go for your drinks. The full menu at Reveler will also be available to you as you choose.
We will have the back room to celebrate another year of hashing, announce the results of your votes, and whatever else we do when we’re together.
You’ll pay the Reveler for your shi**y choices; we’re not collecting one thin dime from you. We will need a count though by February 17th. Mark your calendar and we’ll collect your info soon.
This year’s Hash Ball is going to be utopian!