CH3 #1971

Chicago HHH #1971 – Monday 5/25 – 12 Noon (-ish, it’s a hangover!)
Hare(s): It’s Too Soft, Gayping Panda Hidden Homo & W-Jew 40
Venue: Party Central SkyDeck – 933 W Wolfram Rooftop
Hash Cash: $10, unless you paid for the whole weekend package

Following CH3 #1964 where one of the beer stops represented a “soft opening” for the Party Central SkyDeck, we proudly present Opening Day 2015 as the Capstone event for CH3 Memorial Day Weekend 2015!

First, we launch this grand enterprise of hashing with what is expected to be the most magnificent (maleficent?) trail of the weekend through some of the most utterly horrific urban shiggy ever witnessed by man or beast anywhere in the very-seldom-hashed nether regions that are the Green Zone, courtesy of the most unlikely jambalaya of hares seen in the CH3 “Modern Era”. Bolt cutters, furnishing dental records to the Cook Couny Coroner’s Office beforehand and a change of socks and shoes are highly recommended.

Then, we’ll finish off this most glorious weekend with a Foofdeck party of the highest order, starting with a veritable Niagra Falls of PBR (and other similar high-quality craft brews)-fueled Beerstravaga and make a run at challenging last year’s Foofdeck Memorial Day Hangover record of blasting through thirteen (!!!) 30-packs of beer. Also concurrent with the foofdeck’s traditions, copious quantities of grilled foodstuffs and loads of various sides will also be provided, all included in your hash cash of $10 or as part of the full weekend package. Come hungry. Very hungry.

Included in hash cash will be fabulously fashonable hash swag in the form of a high-quality TBOX nylon drawstring bag of recent vintage. Supplies are limited, first come, first served.

Also likely to manifest themselves are the traditional foofdeck shenanigans such as flippy cup and/or beer pong to carpet bomb the hash with beer back to the Stone Age. Management does politely request that all potential hook-ups be conducted off-premises as the bed linens have been freshly laundered.

After drinking (literally and figuratively) directly from this veritable fire hydrant of unbridled mayhem and debauchery, you’re probably gonna want to just go ahead and call in sick on Tuesday. Or dead. Such is the legend and lore of The Original Hash Party Foof.

You have been warned.

Environmentally-Friendly Public Transit
From Lincoln Park/Lakeview: Hoof it to 933 W Wolfram. Go around back and take the stairs to the roofdeck. (Approx. 10 min)

From Wicker Park/Bucktown: Take the 50 bus North to Diversey or Blue Line to Logan Square. Transfer to the 76 Diversey bus going East. Exit at the Brown Line station at Sheffield, hoof it North on Sheffield and then East to 933 W Wolfram. Go around back and take the stairs to the roofdeck. (Approx. 30 min)

Hop in your hooptie and cruise to Wolfram and Sheffield. Hoof it up to the roofdeck and plead with It’s Too Soft to give you a guest parking pass, then hoof it back down to your car to discover that you’ve already been ticketed. City’s got to get paid somehow! Or you can park on street around Jonquil Park two blocks South of Diversey at Lincoln/Sheffield/Wrightwood.

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