CH3 #1841

Chicago HHH Run #1841
Sunday 5/5 – 2:00 PM
Hares: TampOn-TampOff & Drill In My Box
Venue: Simone’s – 960 W. 18th St

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Hash Cash: $8
From da GM: Normally May is when we switch back to Monday nights, but we’re doing something different this year as the resident fence-jumpers asked for an additional Sunday hash in order to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.
From da Hares: This will be an A-B trail ( BUTT) the B is 1 block away from the A…… $8 will buy you lots of Beer, and Taquitos.
Environmentally-Friendly Public Transit 🙂

From Lincoln Park/Lakeview: Hop on the 8 Halsted bus and ride that sucker south. Best get out a book because you’re not going to be getting off until 18th St. Hoof it back west over to 960 W. 18th St.

From Wicker Park/Bucktown: Take the Blue Line through the Loop and exit at UIC-Halsted. Upstairs transfer onto the 8 Halsted bus and look for your fellow hashers because they’re probably tired of reading their book by now. Hop off the bus at 18th St and hoof it west to the bar.

Driving 🙁

Hop in your hooptie and cruise to 18th St and Morgan.

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