Erection Nominations 2013

2013 Hash Ballot Nominations
FEATUREDPosted on January 14, 2013 by SnatchSquatch
Greetings all ye wankers and bimbos, your friendly neighborhood Snatchsquatch here with a very important announcement.

Since it is now January that means it is time to start thinking about the Hash Ballot and Hash Erections – as we’ve done in the past, every member of the hash will have a vote for every Chicago Hash they attended with an additional vote for every trail they hared/event they helped plan in 2012. For example, if you attended 10 runs and hared twice, you’d have 12 points (10+2=12) – these numbers count ONLY Chicago H3 events, and not any of the other hashes in the area. I’ve tried to take attendance (along with Chicken, Lifa, and Rainbow), but I’m not perfect. Please take the time to review the attendance sheet as it now appears at the top of this page – along the top of the page you’ll find a tab for “Records” that includes a link to the “2012 Attendance,” please double check that I’ve correctly marked all the hashes that you attended so that you’ll have the right number of votes in the upcoming Erection. If I’ve erred, please let me know by the end of January and I will correct my attendance figures. You have until Jan 31st to contact me, as voting starts on Feb 1st and lasts until Feb 22nd.

Secondly, we need nominations for the Hash Erection – I’ve tried to remember as much as possible, but again, I’m not perfect. Please view the “2013 Hash Ballot Nominations” document that is also located under the “Records” tab on the page – it includes our usual list of awards as well as a space to nominate somebody for GM (please note, if you nominate anyone other than yourself for GM, I will double-check with them to make sure they actually want to be GM, so don’t go nominating somebody as a joke). Just like the number of votes, you have until Jan 31st to nominate somebody for a Hash Erection Award and voting will take place from Feb 1st until Feb 22nd with the awards being given out at Hash Ball on Feb 23rd. If you need help jogging your memory (especially if you get CH3 and TH3 runs confused), check out the “2012 Runs” link, also under the “Records” tab.

As always, thank you for your time, and I look forward to seeing all of you at upcoming hashes.


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