Mismanagement Notes

Last night a special mismanagement meeting was held at O’Malley’s West to discuss the proposition of dipping into the Chicago H3 Hash Cash fund in the amount of $400 for the upcoming 1800th run. Snatchsquatch opened the meeting by addressing those in attendance with facts and figures about the current state of the Chicago H3 finances in order to dispel some rumors that had been making their way around the hash since the previous mismanagement meeting.

Firstly, it was then noted that Chicago H3 had $1,271 in Hash Cash in the banks and that Chicago H3 also had $816 worth of haberdashery in its inventory at the moment. It was then noted that a one-time pledge of $400 to the funds for the 1800th run would not break the Chicago H3 bank by any stretch of the imagination, nor would it interfere with the Chicago H3’s ability to cover the cost of any emergencies. The issue of purchasing new whistles had been brought up at the prior mismanagement meeting and Snatchsquatch noted that there are still 12 whistles available at the moment and that there were 32 whistles in the inventory when he took over in March of 2011, which means that in 17 months 20 whistles have been given out – the need for more whistles was noted as being important, but not pressing.

Lastly, it was noted that the 1800th run’s finances are already in order – Snatchsquatch and Salty Gash both noted that the budget for the 1800th run was set before regoes were taken and that there is no need for the extra finances in order to cover budgetary shortfalls. Snatchsquatch noted that the original idea was to pitch in some extra cash for the rental of a dunk-tank or a bouncy castle, but that might not be possible due to the late date – instead the money will likely be spent on additional beer at the on-after at O’Donnell’s or on upgrading the quality of beer at the event proper. Ultimately, where the money will go is being left up to Salty Gash and the rest of the 1800th run planning committee.

At this point in the meeting the floor was opened for questions, comments, and concerns. After no questions, comments, or concerns were raised, the issue was put to a vote.

The measure passed with a vote of 8-0 with Snatchsquatch and Salty Gash abstaining.