Memorial Day 2012

Memorial Day 2012
May 25th-28th, 2012

In celebration of its 8th year, the Chicago Hash House Harriers are pleased to announce the brand new and improved Memorial Day. In the past we’ve given you just one day of fun and debauchery, but no more. We’re going to use this extra special three day weekend to kick off all of the fun that Summer has in store for us.

Just like in year’s past we’re going to have an exceptionally shitty trail for you, some fun and games to be played at our beer stops, tasty brews to drink (Metropolitan and Half Acre will each be sponsoring a beer stop, and Goose Island is sponsoring the on-in), and an epic on-after at the history DANK Haus.

In order to keep things good and complicated, we’re giving you the special option of registering for the entire weekend for the low-low price of $55 (plus paypal fees) or for just the debauchery of Sunday for the cost of $35 (both prices are until April 23rd), then the price will go up to $65/$45 until May 14th. Anything after that and you’ll be charged $75/$55 and you’ll miss out on whatever sweet swag we’ll have for you. So be sure to rego today to ensure that you get everything.

Payment Options:

(1) Fill out the paypal form at left.

(2) Pay Snatchsquatch at your next Chicago H3 Hash.

(3) Mail a check payable to “XXXXX XXXX” along with your Hash Name, Home Hash, Shirt Size, and whether your paying for the entire weekend or just Sunday to the following address:

XXXX W. Diversey Ave Unit M
Chicago, IL 60647

(4) Show up the day of the event with cash and have everyone pissed off at you.

View CH3 Bar Map in a larger map Thursday – May 24th, 7pm – TH3 #444 – $8 –

As always, the Chicago Hash House Harriers invites everyone to join our sister hash, Thirstday, to start the weekend early. Your $8 will get you a shitty trail down in Lincoln Park hared by IndyScent tranny Double Fister. Remember, if you call in sick on Friday that means you can turn this three day weekend into a four day weekend.
Friday – May 25th, 7pm – Memorial Day Weekend Pre-Lube/Foofdeck Cookout – $10 –

Start off the weekend the right way with a trip to Party Central (aka Ruji’s Foofdeck). It’s Too Soft is being gracious enough to host us on his rooftop deck just step from the Diversey Brown Line stop. We’ll tap the keg(s) and fire up the grill starting at 7pm on Friday night and enjoy the weather, food, beer, and maybe each other’s company as visitors make their way into town. Who knows how late this party is going to go, but I bet there will be somebody up on that rooftop drinking all weekend long.

View CH3 Bar Map in a larger map

View CH3 Bar Map in a larger map Saturday – May 26th, 12pm – Chicago H3 #1783 – $10 –
Hares: Snatchsquatch & Just Ehhh
The first of three trails that we have prepared for you this fine weekend. We’ll be doing a sweet A-B woods run starting out of Gamblers (4908 N. Pulaski). Be sure to bring your shiggy socks for this one.

Saturday – May 26th, 7pm – Rag Time H3 Memorial Day Pub Crawl – Pay As You Go –
Hares: Glitter Spitter & That Thing That Vibrates
Now that you’ve got your run in you, its time to crawl. Glitter Spitter, That Thing That Vibrates and the other ladies of Rag Time H3 will be leading us on a lovely bar crawl up Lincoln Avenue and into Lincoln Square. Your rego doesn’t cover this puppy, so be sure to bring some extra cash.

View Memorial Day 2012 Pub Crawl in a larger map

View CH3 Bar Map in a larger map
Sunday – May 27th, 1pm – Chicago H3 #1784- Memorial Day 2012 – $35-$55 –
Hares: Virgin Banger & Various Co-Conspirators

And now for the big prize – we’ll be meeting up at O’Lanagan’s in Lincoln Square for a good, long trail for the runners and a nice short one for the walkers. Virgin Banger and his band of merry men know the neighborhood better than anyone, so I’ve no doubt that they’ve got an epic trail planned for us.

Your rego for the main even gets you an event tag, a swank shirt, two beer stops sponsored by local breweries (Metropolitan and Half Acre) and fun games to be played. All of this will take place before we wind up at the historic DANK Haus with an on-in sponsored by Goose Island, an epic circle RAed by Chicago Legend Calvin Klein on the patio (if it fits us this time), and delicious food. Rego early to save yourself some cash and ensure that you’ll get the giveaways.

Monday – May 28th, 2pm – HO Hash – Memorial Day Hangover – $10 –
Hares: Snatchsquatch
If you’re still alive after this epic weekend, be sure to spend your free day off of work thanks to the holiday with the Holiday Orphans (aka HO) Hash. Chicago H3 GM Snatchsquatch will be your hare on this exceptional day as Memorial Day proper falls on his birthday this year. What a treat, two shitty trails by the Chicago GM in one weekend.

View CH3 Bar Map in a larger map
Coming in from out of town? Not to worry. There are plenty of options for getting to and from Chicago. You can always fly in O’Hare (ORD) or Midway (MDW), take the Amtrack in to Union Station, take the Mega Bus, or you could even carpool up with your closest hash friends.

Need crash space? Don’t worry about that either – shoot Two Girls, One Cupcake an email by 5pm on Wednesday, May 23rd and she’ll coordinate with the rest of the Chicago H3 group to set you up with the perfect crash space partner (after that you’re on your own). Let her know how many people are coming, what nights you need crash space, and if you have any specific requests. If you’d rather find your own crash space you’re also welcome to post a message either in the comments, in our Yahoo! Group, on our Facebook page, via e-mail, or over our twitter, and we’ll do our best to set you up with a welcoming hasher. If you don’t want to stay with hasher, that’s cool too – the Chicago H3 suggests finding a room at the Days Inn Lincoln Park or at the Chicago Getaway Hostel, but be advised that no group rate has been procured from these institutions.

Still not convinced? Let’s see who else is coming:

Hash Name Home Hash
Virgin Banger Chicago H3
Snatchsquatch Chicago H3
Back Door County Chicago H3
Just Lauren Chicago H3
Two Girls, One Cupcake Chicago H3
Fistful of Pricks Chicago H3
R Tard E Chicago H3
Cuma Slutra Chicago H3
Slippery Fingers Chicago H3
AssCapades Chicago H3
Taste the Rainbow Thirstday H3
Bubbles CoMoTION H3
Ginger Snatch Chicago H3
Smell This Chicago H3
Man-o-Whore Chicago H3
Rent A Virgin Chicago H3
Calvin Klein Chicago H3
Batteries Not Included Chicago H3
Just Ehhh Chicago H3
Its Too Soft Chicago H3
That Thing That Vibrates Chicago H3
Glitter Spitter Chicago H3
Just Ralph Martini Man H3
Just Marsha Martini Man H3
Just Corinne Waukesha H3
Just Brian #1 Chicago H3
Platypussy Thirstday H3
Bud Girl Dallas Urban H3 (DUHHH)
Licker Leash Thirstday H3
Five Hole Failure Thirstday H3
Dark Side of the Poon Chicago H3
Sin Calzones Chicago H3
Dr. Moreua Chicago H3
Just Juva Chicago H3
Just Ericka ???
The Dark Kunt Thirstday H3
Chunder Pussy Chicago H3
Just Brian #2 Chicago H3
Chicken Stiffer Chicago H3
Poultry Fucker Chicago H3
Mudsucker Chicago H3
Roofie Ragu Chicago H3
TampOn-TampOff Chicago H3
International Virgin HO H3
Just Jim Virgin Run!
Just Rachel Virgin Run!
Rotten Chicago H3
Ernest Cummingway Chicago H3
Just Katherine Chicago H3
Bang Me, Blow Me, Get Me Off Thirstday H3
Sax-a-ma-bone Waukesha H3
Two Hairnets Chicago H3
Drill In My Box Chicago H3
Tumbleweed of Pubes Chicago H3
Just Lexi Chicago H3
Just Cynthia Chicago H3
Salty Gash Chicago H3
Uploader Chicago H3
Cuntput IndyScent H3
Just Buddy Chicago H3
Just Kelsey Chicago H3
Just Patrick Chicago H3
Double Fister Chicago H3
Hood Whorenament Chicago H3
Barf Fly Chicago H3
Glory Hole Chicago H3
The Least Interesting Man in the World Chicago H3
Soggy Deposits Chicago H3
Cum In My Nurse Chicago H3

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