GM Erections 2012

Chicago Hash House Harriers 2012 Elections Information

From the Accounting firm of Poultry & Chicken:

Voting started for the CH3 Hash Erections on Wednesday, Feb. 1st. You will have a chance to vote now thru Sunday, Feb 19th, 2012. You can vote at the hash on Sundays, drinking practices on Wednesday, via e-mail, or by snail mail.

If you vote via e-mail or snail mail follow the instructions below. There is a new file on the Chicago Hash website called Hash Ballot 2012 it is a Word document, so please download it and fill it out. Next, check the 2011 Hash Attendance located in under the “Records” button at the top of the CH3 website – look up your name on the spreadsheet and scroll all the way to the right. This is how many votes you have for each category. If you have multiple votes you can split them in any way you wish for each category. When you return your ballot via e-mail or snail mail please make sure we know who you are so we can cross you name off as a person who has voted. Once a ballot is cast you may not change your votes, nor are you allowed to vote more than once (even if this is Chicago).

You can turn in your ballot to Chicken Stiffer via email ([email protected]) or snail mail (t. heldmann 2241 W. Ainslie #1 Chicago,il 60625) – all ballots must be received by 11:59pm on Sunday, Feb 19th, 2012.

Hopefully this will give everyone a chance to vote that wishes to vote. If there are any questions or any mistakes on the ballot please let me know so that we can correct them right away.

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