Tale of the Trail – CH3 #1744

The Tale of the Trail
A Pussy Chunder Hash 19 Sep 2011 by Horn-E
Pussy Chunder set this hash out of Carol’s for $5/Pitcher night. I counted a case of hounds at the start and we soon took off to the east and a quick Split. Horn-E went right, wrong, and Ass Capades zipped past him like a man on a mission. He apparently was. Meanwhile the trail went straight and Horn-E now was way behind. We worked our way to Lawrence and the last hasher Horn-E saw was Just Luke waving him on east. At the corner no one was in sight and Horn-E went two blocks before returning to find a hidden arrow in an alley and still no one in sight. Heading south, he found a Triple Split at the end. Left, wrong, right, wrong, and he headed straight when he noticed Lifa returning. Huh. He yelled Back Check 22 and he was on 12. WTF. No, let’s make that, ‘What the fuck’. Was Pussy Chunder trying to take the Back Check Hell title from R- Tard-E? So while Lifa ran on counting, Horn-E guessed that it went to that first Split and headed over to Wilson and Dover to see if Ass Capades was on to something. No marks. Then along came O’Shitty Runch and 10 K Tika Ho. Lost also. O’Shitty Runch said he saw a mark near Lawrence and Ashland so we headed that way. Heading north on Ashland we suddenly saw a pack of hounds coming from the east. What we didn’t know was that the Back Check 22 went back to the bar for a Shot Stop and that Ass Capades set an impromptu beer stop across the street in a little park. Anyhow, here was a Check. We already got south checked, and the pack came from the east, so O’Shitty Runch led to the north and Horn-E took off to the west. At the next corner Horn-E was On two, but looking back, the pack was gone. He headed north and was soon On ON and at Lawrence he found O’Shitty Runch and a Three Way Split. Horn-E kept going north and was On. But again looking back, no one was in sight. Finally after picking wrong at a Split, about four or five of us merged and headed north and west, through an alley and to Ravenswood and another Check. Horn-E went north and found no Checks, but a great spot for a Shot Stop. A boutique Distillery. Yeah. Heading back south we found trail around the tracks and back north to a Split at Foster. Just Michael went right and was right. We now were heading north and the Ravenswood Tap is north. A great spot for a Beer Stop. Just Michael ran right past a Check in the shadows and soon called On. Horn-E followed and we came to a Triple Split north of there. ON to the Ravenswood Pub. Not. Soon Lifa and some other hashers were returning from there. The Triple Split led to nothing but Falses. So Horn-E headed south through alleys and back to that last Check. But suddenly, the pack arrived and was calling On through this tunnel. Again, not. Does anyone see that Check in the shadows or are they all just ranging. But Little Trojan Annie was carrying what was left of the first beer stop and Horn-E snagged a can to drink while running. Yeah, it’s hard and goes flat quick so you have to drink it quick. So Horn-E and Just Luke head east and suddenly hear a whistle ahead. Who? Where? We run on east before Horn-E crosses the street and finally finds an arrow and we are On. Chicken Stifer leads our little pack south on Clark to a Check at Foster. He headed for an alley. Horn-E heads south running into Lifa and we find an arrow, but it goes nowhere. Horn-E returns to the Check and heads east with Just William on opposite sides of the street. Just William finally finds an arrow and we soon spot a BN going into a parking lot. Horn-E blows his horn and the pack follows. We go one block south and then east two blocks. We are now at Clark. One more block south and then back west to the beer stop in a back yard.
…..Where did all of these people come from. Several faces we didn’t see on trail even when we thought we were in front. And two were still missing. Finally Just Jeff and 10 K Tika Ho arrived about ten minutes later.
…..After the beer we had a long walk back to the bar. Beer started to flow and a circle was called and many drank, especially that damn hare. Donut Holer was called out for being a visitor and the FRB. We also had a Virgin, Just Hattie. She laughed a lot at the songs and enjoyed the run, so hopefully she will return.
We also had these Trail Hounds. R-Tard-E, SnatchSquatch, Poultry Fucker, The Dark Kunt, Just Kristin, That Thing That Vibrates, Hoosier Daddy, Back Door County, Just Liz, Just Tim, and The 69 Cent Man. And we had two House Puppies, Its Too Soft and Cum In My Ass Fault.
On On