Mismanagement Meeting

Hey everybody, want to have a say in the way that the hash is run? Well you’re in luck, because we’ll be having a Mismanagement Meeting TONIGHT! And on top of that we’re having it at a bar with cheap booze and cheap wings to munch on. Hoo daddy! So come on out to O’Mally’s West (2249 N. Lincoln) tonight – the meeting starts at 7, but we’ll be there early at around 6 to make sure we’re good and liquored up before making important hash decisions!

Seriously though, here’s what we’ll be talking about tonight:

I. State Of the Hash
a. Attendance
b. Hash Cash
c. Hare Line
d. Haberdashery

II. Public Affairs
a. Website
b. Business Cards
c. Twitter/New Media
d. Phone Line

III. Events
a. PoP Recap
b. Labor Day
d. Marathon
e. Halloween
f. Mustache/Movember
g. Thanksgiving
h. Anthrax
i. Chinese New Year

IV. New Business

And if you get a hold of me before 5pm and let me know, I can bring you one of the snazzy new “RUN CH3” shirts.