Mismanagement Meeting

Chicago Hash Mismanagement – 6/8

Holy cow, has it really been three whole months since the last mismanagement meeting? Yes, yes it has. Luckily for me the hash pretty much runs itself (with me only having to yell at everyone else to get stuff done every now and again). With that in mind, I’d like to gather up the usual suspects for another mismanagement meeting at O’Malley’s West on Wednesday, June 8th, at 7pm. We’ve been going there pretty regularly for Wingsday, so you already know that they’ve got cheap food and beers on Wednesday nights (just in case you needed more motivation to come out)

Here are some of the items that we’ll be discussing:
Day-to-Day Mismanagement: Weekly Attendance, Hash Cash Situation, etc.
Advertising: New Business Cards
Haberdashery: T-Shirts Remaining, Haberdashery Committee, etc.
Big Events: Memorial Day Recap, PoP Update, Anthrax pre-planning, etc.
New Business: Any new business anyone has (please email me by Monday if you want to include any new business)

Hope to see everybody there! On-On, Snatchsquatch
O’Malley’s West
Wednesday, June 8th, 7pm

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