Marathon Beer Stop 2010

Hey whankers and bimbos,

Tomorrow the hash will be providing a beer stop for the marathon. We will be at 35th near state (usually just east of the highway on the north side of the street.

Here’s how it works, buy a 24 pack today (Liquor stores are closed sunday mornings) and some tiny cups (dixie cups work). Throw the beer in the fridge tonight. Grab your beer and cups in the morning and show up sometime after 10:00 (super fast runners don’t drink beer on the run, but if you want to show up earlier and watch, there will probably be some hashers there. The red line works well, I will be riding my bike.

I know it’s a few bucks out of your own pocket, but it is a really great time, and many runners are extremely grateful. Of course, we will be doing much quality control and sampling the beer to make sure it is still good throughout the morning. We usually end around 12:30-1:00 or when we run out of beer. After that, you can go to the Chicago hash, or the Second city hash pick your poison (both of which are downtown).

Here’s a link of the marathon course map.

Onon to marathon hash beer stop.

Happy Ass Grabber