Tale of the Trail – CH3 #1686

The Tale of the Trail
The Chicago Hash 3 Oct, 2010 by Horn-E

Lifa and Its Too Soft were hares for this hash out of Its Too Soft’s place. We had 16 hounds on trail, Calvin Klein and Batteries Not Included opted to stay behind and watch TV. Its Too Soft drove over to the beer stop. Lifa swept on a bicycle. Horn-E, Chicken Stifer and Poultry Fucker led at the start and pretty much to the first Check on Sheffield and Wellington. Horn-E managed to find the trail to the west and at a quick Split he went the wrong way and the trail headed back south and then west. But we weaved through a few gangways and soon we had our first Back Check at the end of an alley. This regrouped us as we then ran to a Check at Lincoln. Trail from here went south and west and worked its way towards Ashland finally running south in an alley to a narrow passage between a fence and a wall. Horn-E managed to be the first to squeeze through here and it was a real squeeze. We than headed across Ashland and a block west we headed north. Here is were that old fart broke down. As many know, I’ve had a bad knee over the last several months. Although I had an elastic bandage around the knee, running this way finally started to bring out my old injury, a bad ankle. I quit here and the hare told me where the beer stop was. Bye.
This was a big loop from a block west of Ashland to just before the outer drive on Diversey. A damn long walk. I did meet Mouthful Of Meat along the way, but she wasn’t interested in joining me as I headed for the beer stop. Television at Its Too Soft’s was more important. At the beer stop I got in just after R-Tard-E and Fistful Of Pricks who I saw heading to the beer. Everyone was there except, I believe Just Brendan, our virgin, Mount Schwiiinga and Beer Spill Valdez. And he never made it. Something about coming to a Split on trail that no one solved for him. So after weeping by himself for about ten minutes, he returned to Its Too Soft’s place. More TV. And after the circle, Beer Spill Valdez lived up to his name. Thanks to small holes in the top of cans and the swift moves of Its Too Soft and a fistful of paper towels, it wasn’t to bad. I did hear one other story about the trail. Slippery Box also whined about an injury. A muscle cramp. So she also got a hint on the beer stop. Then suddenly the cramp disappeared and she was FRB. Hmm!!!
At the finish, Chicken Stifer and Poultry Fucker immediately disappeared. Visitors, Tranny Cock Kicker and Cums At Sixty grabbed a quick bite to eat and also left, for a long ride back to Iowa.
Calvin Klein finally got away from the TV to get us on the roof for a looong cold circle. We did have a visitor, Just Theo who helped drive our new cumer Sandy Syphillis to Chicago. Welcome. Just Brendan was also introduced. Welcome. Who else ran. SnatchSquatch was back out, Salty Gash, Just Ryan. We had a long list of posers besides those mentioned, with Hoosier Daddy, Fall On My Wood, Cumma Slutra. and Just Do Me Slowly. That is seven who didn’t run. Hey, this is a hash. Cum and run with us.
After the circle we finally got to some of Its Too Soft’s food. Good.

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