Hash Erections Results 2009

GM’s- Erin Go Buff and Chicken Stiffer
Best Trail of 2008- 30th anniversary Calvin Klein and Virtually Hung (food, TV coverage, beer stop. for an outrageous price of $8!!)

Worst Trail- 54 BACK CHECK TRAIL (R-Tard-E)
Best ON-IN- ANY HASH at CASA de W’all Bangher on the lake
FR BIMBO- Ginger Snatch
Best Beer Stop- Top of One Handed Typists place overlooking Lake
NON-Running Wussy- Mudsucker
Hash Wanker- Just I-Lean for breaking wrist at Izzy-Dizzy
Hash Shit- 69-cent man for his dead Rat at Chinese New Year
Bill January Award- Horn-e
Best Hash Bar- Beaumonts
Best Visiting Hasher- Hot Lips
Congrats to all winners and congrats to ERIN GO BUFF as the new Co-GM.
[email protected] This is his e-mail if you need to contact Him.

Chicken Stiffer

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