Tale of the Trail – CH3 #1581

HASH TRASH – Tale of the Trail
Jan. 11, 2009 @ Murphy’s Bleacher Bar
Chicago Hash #1580
HARES: Snathcsquatch and Asscapade
VIRGINS: Just Courtney, Just Eric, Just Dustin
HASHERS: Chicken Stiffer, Lifa, Calvin Klein, It’s Too Soft. R-Tard-E, Horn-e, Milk My Yak, Mouthful of Meat, Crop Duster, Just Jana. Just Becky, Ginger Snatch, Assfault, Just Kelli, Just Claire, Just Jeff, Just Amy, Bloody Thighs, Bloody Asshole. Just Sara, Ez on the Ass, Erin Go Buff, Mount Me Puh’lzee, Hoosier Daddy,


The quote of the day came from SNATCHSQUATCH. “Where did all these people come from?” I don’t know middle of January with snow all over you would think low turnout but when you pick a bar easy to get to and a nice sunny day you can get surprised by the turnout like today. The hash saw 29 hashers come out in support of the hares ASSCAPADES and SNATCHSQUATCH.

The trail was fun and long and after a chalk talk in the parking lot across the street the pack was off east with HORN-E and LIFA leading he pack to the first split. Trail went north and came to a funny looking mark at the next corner. The mark, a check, had been shoveled to the curb so we couldn’t tell what type of mark it was so we did cheat it like a check and trail was found by CHICKEN STIFFER running underneath the red line north. R-TARD-E was hot on his heels and soon we came upon another messed up mark that the pack eventually figured out went back east, until it came to a check down on Broadway, but not before the CPD asked the GM if EZ ON THE ASS was on a suicide run because he kept jumping in front of cars. JUST DUSTIN and JUST COURTNEY, two virgins, found themselves in the front of the pack finding true trail going back north.

The two virgins lead us down Irving Park towards the lake and finally past the next check onto the lakefront where the pack ran thru 6-inches of powdery snow past the golf course. CALVIN KLEIN I think found trail running thru the woods southwest until it cut back west under Lake Shore Drive at an Addison to our next check. Here trail again got confusing due to some overzealous shoveling by Chicagoans that erased some more marks. MOUTHFUL of MEAT and MOUNT ME seemed to take over the FRB role here from the two virgins, and we all were soon at the beer stop in the backyard of ASSCAPADES house. BLOODY ASSHOLE cooled off from his run by diving in the snow and making a snow angel. We all had a quick beer and then ran back to the bar where JUST BECKY and ITS TOO SOFT were waiting for us.

CALVIN got the circle going and we welcomed our virgins, Just Courtney, Just Eric, Just Dustin, to the hash hopefully they will return soon. Our FRB’s were the trio of CROP DUSTER, LIFA, and CHICKEN STIFFER. Our DFL I am sorry I missed because I was getting more beer for us. MILK MY YAK and MOUNT ME drank numerous times for side conversations and ERIN GO BUFF and BLOODY ASSHOLE drank for some lost property and ERIN GO BUFF got his 10-run lanyard nice going!!! The circle went on and with $6 pitchers the pack drank many beers today!!! Eventually we got to our swing low and the circle was closed, but good times were had by all, see you next week at the CH3 STUPIDMAN RETIRMENT HASH on SUNDAY 1/18/09



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