CH3 #1575

Hare(s): Specklebird
Venue: Independence Tap – 3932 W. Irving Park Rd, Chicago
Hash Cash: This time we go with SC @ $4 (drink fast!) despite the NY Giants’ Plaxico Burress taking a loaded handgun out with him for Christmas shopping this past week.

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That’s right, we don’t know much, but we do know that we will be drinking beer and ambulating like Idiots from the Independence Tap located at Irving Park Rd. and Pulaski.
The great and honorable Idiot himself will be presiding over festivities. Rhotan? you innocently ask…No, hisonner, the right noble Specklebird. This is also one of many chances you have to own one of the coveted (by someone I’m sure) Idiot’s Day shirts. ($10-$11.50 for idiots, $15 for proven idiots).
Walkers trail is usually provided, dogs, children and child-like behavior also welcome and expected. Bring some tasty comesteble for the On-In. Beverages will be in abundance.
Environmentally-Friendly Public Transit
From the Lincoln Park/Lakeview “Green Zone”: Red Line to Sheridan, take the Irving Park #80 (or X80 if you’re lucky!) to Harding which is a block before Pulaski.
From Wicker Park/Bucktown: Blue Line to Irving Park, hoof it 1-1/2 blocks East to Harding.
Hop into your hooptie and cruise to Irving and Harding. Parking is pleasantly findable in this neck of the hoods.

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