Tale of the Trail – CH3 #1574

HASH TRASH – Tale of the Trail
Chicago Hash #1574 – Nov. 30, 2008 @ MITCHELL’S (THE OLD PUFFER’s)
HARES: Bloody Thighs, Lifa, Mudsucker
VISITORS: Cums in Taxi’s, Just Greg, Abu Beaver
HASHERS: Happy Ass Grabber, Ez on the Ass, Chicken Stiffer, R-Tard-E, Just I Lean, Milk-My-Yak, Public Pisser, Erin Go Buff, Snatchsquatch, Horn-e
Total- 16
It was a cold Sunday on a Holiday weekend on the South side that saw the hash running thru some historical sites. Today we ran thru the old Union Stockyard Entrance and along Bubbling Creek. We also passed the Church our very own Mayor Daley attends and then finally ended up at the house of MUDSUCKER for a beer stop. The Pack saw some die-hards come out today on a rainy cold trail. ERIN GO BUFF showed up in the nick of time just before the pack was on out. The Main pack today was HAPPY, EZ, CHICKEN, P-P, ERIN GO BUFF, JUST GREG, and ABU BEAVER. We seemed to work well and find the correct trail. ERIN GO BUFF and I even find a quick short cut over a fence while the rest of the pack did a circle jerk that ended up on 35th street. R-TARD-E and JUST I LEAN were walking and running today so they were a little behind. JUST GREG tried whistling for HORN-E but he said he just climbing a tree to try a get to a short cut? The pack ran many straight a-ways today but we finally did make it back to the bar where MILK-MY-YAK and SNATCHSQUATCH were waiting for us to return. MUDSUCKER set-up free hotdogs for us and $6 pitchers, which was not a bad combo for the day. We had a quick circle and then many ran back home to watch a dismal Bears game.

Chicken Stiffer

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