Tale of the Trail – CH3 #1557

July 28, 2008 Bar Atlantic 5200 N. Lincoln

HARES: R-tard-E, Just I Lean
VIRGINS: Just Mary, Just Tina, Just Rodney
VISITORS: Flag No Pole “Aloha Hash”, Silver Spooge ( EveryDay is Wednesday DC
HASHERS: Chicken Stiffer, Corn Star, Just Mark, Just Shaina, Snatchsquatch, Just Lori, Just Joan, Sir Poops A Lot, More Tail, Just Amanda, Just John, Magnetic Muff, Virtually Hung, Super Stuf’her, Mouthful of Meat, Just Eileen, Just Brad, Just Jeff, Its Too Soft, Lower Whackoff, Horn-E, Just I Lean, Cums On I Lean, I Like Dick, Just Katy


The hash ran out of Bar Atlantic in the 5200 N. Block of Lincoln Ave. Again our translator of R-TARD-ESE, JUST I LEAN, did an interpretation of the chalk talk and then we were off!!! The pack was lead by VIRTUALLY HUNG and ran thru the alley behind the bar north. We came to a split at Foster and I caught trail thru the gangway of two buildings. JUST JOHN now was near the front with VIRTUALLY HUNG and I and we came to a check. I went east across Lincoln and found three marks that went between what looked to be some dilapidated public housing buildings, but no one followed.

It turned out that VIRTUALLY HUNG found trail west which was a major short cut but trail is trail so the pack followed him. MOUTHFUL OF MEAT said she heard and saw my whistle but decided to go with the pack. I followed trail and it wound around the cemetery on Western and than cut west on Bryn Mawr. I found a false trail that ended in man’s backyard and he was back there with a friend and a cooler of beer. I asked for a Cerveza and he obliged me.

I continued on and soon realized that the pack had to be in front of me and I was right when I saw true trail marks on most of the marks. I guess I ran an extra 1-1.5 mile tonight but that was all right. I ran through the River Park and saw BN and turned a corner the whole pack was cheering me on to the finish, ok maybe I am exaggerating but they were happy to see me I thought? I LIKE DICK had a cold Lite Beer for me so I was on my second beer stop!!!

We got to the bar in good shape and kicked a few bag playing people out of the backroom and started circle. SNATCHSQUATCH was the RA for today and he soon had the HARES in the circle and throughout the night we hear when one I LEAN drinks or Eileen’s drink. Man I guess she hates her name now!!!

We said Hello to FLAG NO POLE and SILVER SPOOGE along with SIR POOPS A LOT our visitors from parts unknown. Our Virgins JUST TINA, JUST RODNEY, and JUST MARY were shown how to do a proper down down by MORE TAIL, JUST EILEEN, and I LIKE DICK. VIRTUALLY HUNG even took a nap in the circle??

WE said hello to old friends that have been MIA LOWER WHACKOFF, MORE TAIL, SIR POOPS, JUST LORI, and MOUTHFUL OF MEAT!! CHICKEN was the DFL and VIRTUALLY HUNG was our FRB!!! SNATCHSQUATCH soon closed the circle and most people watched the CUBS finally beat the Brewers 6-4 Yeah CUBS!!!! Hope to see you next week!!!

NEXT MOVIE NIGHT IS 8/5/08 The Day the Earth Stood Still

Chicken Stiffer


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