CH3 #1557

Chicago Hash #1557 7.28.08 @ The Atlantic

Hare(s): Just I Lean & R Tard E
Venue: The Atlantic – 5062 N. Lincoln
Hash Cash: Still only a mere $8 despite repeated denials from Iran that their uranium-enrichment program is for “peaceful purposes”. Yeah, right.

Environmentally-Friendly Public Transit ?
From Lincoln Park/Lakeview: Red Line to Belmont, Brown Line to Western, hoof it about t 2-1/2 blocks Northwest up Lincoln to the bar.
From Wicker Park/Bucktown: Blue Line to Jefferson Park, #81 Lawrence bus (runs every 8-11 mins) East to Lincoln/Western, schlep 2-1/2 blocks Northwest on Lincoln to bar.

Driving ?
Hop into your hooptie and cruise to Lawrence and Winnemac (about 2 blks West of Western). Parking is generally okay in this area on Sundays on the side streets, better to west of Lincoln.

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