CH3 #1541

Chicago Hash #1541 4.21.08 @ Bridgeport Inn & Casa de Cum On Just I Lean

Hare(s): R Tard E & Cums on I Lean
Venue: Bridgeport Inn – 2901 S. Archer Ave. @ Loomis (New Hash Bar!!!)
Hash Cash: Only $8 despite a global spike in grain prices driven by a combination of demand for biofuels and a shift in developing markets towards increased meat consumption.

Join us in the South Side as the hash explores a new bar in scenic Bridgeport. Sox are in Tampa Bay so there shouldn’t be any traffic/parking issues. Liquor Store Weather Cat says Sunny & 63 degrees!

Update 4/18 – Despite this morning’s Magnitude 5.2 earthquake – “Big One of 2008”, CH3 Mismanagement would like to assure everyone that Sunday’s hash will proceed as scheduled presuming the fires are put out and power is restored by ComEd South of 26th St.

Who knows with all the looting we may be able to score some 30 packs of Carling Black Label for the beer check! Speaking of which, canned goods (Miller, Bud, Old Style, Blatz, etc) will be collected at Sunday’s hash for disaster relief.

Environmentally-Friendly Public Transit ?
From Lincoln Park/Lakeview “The Green Zone”: Red Line to Fullerton. Brown Line to anywhere ini the Loop and transfer to Orange Line Midway (doesn’t matter which station b/c they run opposite directions and enter/exit on opposite ends so you will have to do the whole Loop one way or the other). Orange Line to Halsted, hoof it about 1/2 mile SW on Archer to Loomis. Loo-o-phobic Bus-o-philes can also take Halsted 8 down to Archer, given three track and slow zone L construction this may be the safer bet.
From Wicker Park/Bucktown: Blue Line to Clark/Lake. Orange Line to Halsted, hoof it about 1/2 mile SW on Archer to Loomis. Bus-o-philes can also catch the Halsted 8 off the Milwaukee/Grand Blue Line stop to Archer.

Driving ?
Hop into your hooptie and cruise to the corner of Archer & Loomis. Best expressway option is Stevenson to Damen and the go NE on Damen to Loomis. I believe this area is mainly industrial so it should be relatively desolate on a Sunday and parking should be as common of a sight as the Sunday Morning “Walk of Shame” is in Lincoln Park.

If you hare allergic to expressways you can also shoot down Halsted to Archer and hoof it half mile to Loomis.

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