Tale of the Trail – CH3 #1517

Hash Trash: 11/11/07
Hares: Chicken Stiffer
Venue: Mad River

VIRGINS: Just Marybeth, Just Jessica
HASHERS: Just Steve, Just Jonathan, Its Too Soft, Horn-e, Are They Real, Stab�em and Slab�em, Stupid Man, Just Molly, Cunt and Pasties, Lifa, Rotten Whore, Virgin banger, Renta Virgin, Just Rob, Mouthful of Meat, Just Patrick, Super Stuffer, Peterbilt, Mount Van Tramp, Bloody Thighs, Odor Eater

Well this hash was a live trail and was set after the Mismanagement meeting ended. The Hare was Chicken and we welcomed JUST MARYBETH and JUST JESSICA to the hash for their very first run. Since I hared I do not know much about what happened on trail but I heard JUST MOLLY say I can�t believe CHICKEN found every single alley and alleyway in the Lakeview neighborhood. The Hare was technically caught because he stopped to break up a 3×6 foot piece of drywall and also had to buy beer. ITS TOO SOFT, JUST MOLLY and CUNT and PASTIES made the catch around Sheffield and Diversey very near the home of ITS TOO SOFT. We had some good beer to drink on the roof deck and that made LIFA a very happy hasher. SUGAR our visitor enjoyed the view and the hash put the roof deck to bed until next summer. We made it back to the bar where MOUTFUL OF MEAT was enjoying free shots of some Italian liquor? The Hash also enjoyed half price Philly cheese steaks!!! The circle was started by LIFA
and the hare was punished. The circle was turned over to HORN-E because it was Veterans Day and he dusted the cobwebs off his RA suit and led the circle. STUPID MAN got to drink for his NAVY affiliation. ITS TOO SOFT was busy watching the Football game so he was nailed with technology in the circle. We said hi to our visitor SUGAR and welcomed our virgins STAB�EM and SLAB�EM and BLOODY THIGHS?????? What? VIRGIN BANGER and RENTA VIRGIN made an appearance and are eagerly awaiting the next Memorial Day Hash!!! JUST MOLLY and JUST PATRICK were seen leaving together??? ROTTEN WHORE had too much to drink so she called the ODOR to pick her up!!! JUST JONATHAN looked scrumptious in his tiara and JUST STEVE is ready for his ADD hash in two weeks. Overall we had a fun day!!!