Tale of the Trail – CH3 #1511

The Tale of the Trail Chicago #1511 @ Farragut’s
Hash Trash: 9/31/07
Hares: Just Tom, Anal Assault
Venue: Farragut’s 5200 N. Clark $4.50 PITCHERS!!!!!!

Fujirazzi pix here. Also check out some pix from our transplant from Indyscent, Moan on Trail here.

VIRGINS: Just Patrick, Just Raphael, Just Ryan
VISITORS: Moan On Trail, Just Pat
HASHERS: Chicken Stiffer, Just Chris, Just Patrick, Just Joseph, Just Katherine, Salted Gash, Its too Soft, MudSucker, Cobwebs in the Bush, Likes it on the Bottom, Just Brian, Dickin Cider, Just John, Just Mark, Calvin Klein, Batteries not Included, Stump Humper, Just Steven, Mount Schwiiinga, Just Melissa, Flying Hooters, Mouthful of Meat, Two Tickets to a Pair Thighs, Just Lauren, Boner Malfunction, Smell This, Lochness Cockster, Just Amanda, Just Jenn, Lower Whackoff, Sex Luthor, Just Mandy, Just Allen

The Chicago Hash invented the date 9/31/07 so that we would still hash this past week otherwise there would have been a hash layover of 13 days until hashers could recharge with beer and this just won�t do!!! The Hares did find us a bar that actually served pitchers, a great concept, and they cost $4.50 each. It has been a long time since I have seen pitchers this cheap in CHICAGO so nice job JUST TOM and ANAL ASSAULT. This was the last hash on Monday night until May 2008 and we had a very successful season with the CH3 averaging well over 35 hashers per hash. Thanks again goes out to the people who ran the Memorial Day Hash which kicked off the Summer and the 1500 hash which solidified the Summer hashing season. Thanks always goes out to those that volunteer their time and talents to hare or run the hash. We will be moving the hash to Sundays for the remainder of the fall and winter unless we have a special event.

JUST TOM took off early with JUST JENN to check the marks so ANAL ASSAULT was forced to give the chalk talk. It was very interesting chalk talk and unique to have to find 3 marks after a split but mixing things up once in awhile can be a good thing. The hash received their instructions and was off. Kudos goes out to LOCHNESS COCKSTER and SEX LUTHOR for allowing the use of their chariots for hash bags and clothes. The pack went through a garage and came out in an alley with a split. CALVIN and I went left and we were not right. I believe JUST JOHN had found trail the other way. We crossed thru several alleys and made a right to traverse Clark Street again. This happened after the main pack was forced to do a circle jerk and the back of the pack became the front. BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED was now our FBI and scouted trail east to another alley. JUST AMANDA was high stepping it thru the puddles in the alley reliving her younger days when she played in those puddles.

The trail came out on Foster Avenue and TWO TICKETS came to a check on Foster where she went straight and I went north. I went the wrong way but wound up running into the ranging HORN-E. He would soon find out that short cutting and ranging today was not a good idea because he never did find the beer stop. DICKIN CIDER found the trail cutting across Broadway and led us to the shores of Lake Michigan. MOUTHFUL OF MEAT by this time had had picked up the Guam hasher, JUST PATRICK? He has consented to cum out and see us again. Along the lakefront I ran with JUST STEVEN and SEX LUTHOR and caught up with STUMP HUMPER for a while, and LIKES IT ON THE BOTTOM soon joined us. The trail kept going north along Sheridan Ave. and passed under the Granville red line stop. MOAN ON TRAIL with her buddy COBWEBS in the BUSH kept complaining about the length of the trail, but �Its not how long it is but how you run it?� JUST TOM did a nice job sweeping the trail laying marks for people

to follow. The pack eventual made its way to the beer stop. JUST ALLEN and I discussed a future dress arrangement we will have for POP or the Halloween hash. FLYING HOOTERS and TWO TIKS tried to seduce me into going to a wine tasting party on Wednesday night during the CUBS game but that didn�t work. JUST JOHN was the last one in but he at least made it unlike veteran hashers CALVIN, BATTERIES, and HORN-E. All of the newbie�s made it what happened to you folks? The pack soon had its fill of beer and water, and started to move on to the bar.

Back at the bar we found our missing hashers and began to drink numerous amounts of $4.50 pitchers. BONER, MUD SUCKER, SMELL THIS, ITS TOO SOFT, SALTED GASH, and JUST LAUREN made it to the on-in as well. DAMN wankers didn�t run this TWO TICKETS trail. CALVIN ran the circle and we welcomed MOAN ON TRAIL to the Chicago Hash. We also gave her back her lost floppy hat she forgot at 1500. Personally I will like having her here not because she�s cute but because now CALVIN will have to drink every time she does down-down because when one RA drinks all RA�s drink!!! The Virgins JUST PATRICK, JUST RAPHAEL, and JUST RYAN got their down-downs. The FRB was JUST JOHN for his impersonation of Jesse Owens. The hares were pounded repeatedly for the trail but again they made up for it by providing us with � price pizza�s nice job hares!! The ladies of POP have now cleared well over 40 hashers showing up for the OCT. 13 hash with a prelube set for OCT. 12 at the Wrightwood Tap!!!

Nice going girls!!! LOWER WHCKOFF dazzled us with his tie t-shirt and JUST STEVEN was wearing his SUPERHERO underroos?? JUST AMANDA played the part of a quiet lawyer?? I thought lawyers always had something to say? JUST PATRICK was in heaven because the bar was 2 blocks from home, so there was no need for him to ride his bike drunk home today!! CALVIN kept the circle going and punished those people who were grazing on the pizza when the circle was still running, but soon the circle grew tired and hungry so hash religion was sung and the pack got their pizza and all were happy accept for some guy in the bar complaining that we were too VULGAR!!! F*** him!! After the circle closed we finally got around to naming JUST CHRIS. Davey Crochet had suggested PAYS for PIE last week because he was buying numerous pizzas for the hash. Other suggestions were the usually shitty names but we will now know JUST CHRIS as �The ONE HANDED TYPIST�. I hope to see you this SUNDAY

for the hash. It will be the last one for SMELL THIS in Chicago for a while and we should have some visitors in for the Marathon. Remember to sign up for POP Oct. 13!!!


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