Tale of the Trail – CH3 #1501

Chicago Hash #1501 @ Cork & Kerry
Monday, July 23

Monday night brought a fresh round of hash reinforcements to the far
South Side hood of Beverly for Chicago #1501 (yes, we don’t waste any
time ’round here). For those who have never been, Beverly is like
almost 1/3 of the way to Indy! Milk My Yak (who is also the hasher
who fabricated the legendary Keg Hoist) set what I heard was a great
trail out of Cork & Kerry @ 106th & Western. As it took me nearly 2
hours to get there from the far NORTH suburbs where I work I missed
the entire trail but heard the beer stop was at Mount Me’s crib on

For those who don’t know, this cat is like the only hasher I know of
that has more train noise than me (trust me the mile long Union
Pacific freight trains that rip by at 90 miles an hour made even this
hardened rail-proximity veteran think an earthquake was in progress
first time I heard it at 4am when I crashed there following the South
Side Irish Parade).

Anyhow yet another beautiful night out in beer garden at Cork and
Kerry and the hash enjoyed a good circle and the wonderful traffic of
the Dan Ryan Expressway construction on our way back to civilization
after that. Sorry no pictures because my camera was still recovering
from 1500 but hats off to handful of us that did all four days. We
got a down-down for that, and as God is my witness, I will never
drink again. Really….

Party on on,