CH3 #1484

Sunday 4/1/2007 Meet @2pm, Out @2:30pm
Chicago HHH #1484 April Fool’s Day Hash
Hare(s): Princess Labia & Boner Malfunction
Venue: Mac’s American Food & Drink – 1801 W Division St

Now you all know since it’s Princess Labia and Boner Malfunction setting trail, it will be
shitty, but also know this: There will be multiple beer stops and shot checks, challenges at
every beverage stop, and you *will *have to brave the ins and outs of the jungle (aka:
Wicker Park).

The trail will be an A to B to ??? *The A and the ??? will be close (or will they?)

A: Mac’s at 1801 W. Division St. (Yes, Mac’s is the dominant hash location in Wicker Park,
we just couldn’t miss a stop at this legendary location. Happy April Fool’s Day!)

Directions: *Blue line* to Division stop. Walk West on Division.

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