Tale of the Trail – CH3 #1483

Tale of the Trail – Chicago Hash #1483 Post Shamrock Shuffle

Hare: Lifa
Venue: J & M Tap
HASHERS: Calvin Klein, Batteries not Included, Coffee, Tea, and Me, Mount-Me Puhlzee, Horn-e, Lifa, Cum in my Assfault, It’s too Soft, Chicken Stiffer, Barks on all Fours, Virtually Hung, Erect de Red, Spotted Cock, Mouthful of Meat, Stump Humper, Sir Poops A Lot, Special Head, Cheap Date, Just Faith, Just Patti, Just Hannah, Or G

The GM showed up late due to CTA problems on the Blue Line maybe I should have listened to 69-CENTS MANS warning about slow trains on the Blue line. When I got there at 2:40 pm there were 20+ hashers to greet me. Even LIFA thought this would be a small crowd due to the Shamrock Shuffle, but if you lay it they will come LIFA. I guess it did help to have an 80-degree day. Most of the pack were wearing their green shirts from GDR and may others their shirts from the Shamrock Shuffle. LIFA with the surprised look on his face gave the chalk talk and said, “GO SOUTH you wankers!” The pack was off VIRTUALLY HUNG took the early FRB position while COFFEE, TEA, or ME, BARKS ON ALL FOURS, and JUST HANNAH brought up the rear. It was great to talk with STUMP HUMPER up at the front of the pack for a little bit nice to see you back!!

‘SIR POOPS A LOT and SPECIAL HEAD brought the great weather with them from Hawaii so thanks guys. Soon we got stuck at a check on Chicago Ave? It looked like MOUNT ME employed his police talents and interrogated that trail till it gave up the goods on which way to run!! SPOTTED COCK even was in the spirit of the green wearing his green Waukesha t-shirt. The pack went north and ran by the Norwegian Hospital near Garfield Park, and we didn’t even lose ERECT DE RED when he saw his countries flag!! IT”S too SOFT was snapping pictures left and right. The trail entered Garfield Park and on such a warm day it was beautiful. HORN-E found trail heading west but the CHICKEN found a short cut to the Promised Land. We wound around the Lagoon and the old Boathouse. The trail went east from here and seemed to be gunning for a familiar hashers HOUSE?? The trail ran by Clemente High School and Puerto Rican flags were seen in abundance. MOUTHFUL of MEAT somehow got to the beer stop first and was the FRB AND FBI today. The beer stop was at CASA de BONER, but where was BONER??? HMMM maybe still hung over??? The pack had a few gold and cold ones and jogged back to the J&M tap.

Here we saw CALVIN and BATTERIES waiting for us along with ASSFAULT. Even CHEAP DATE made it out today and she came all the way from Brazil to hash today!! CALVIN ran the circle and down-downs were handed out to the usually suspects. ITS got one for his mixed up hash dates. THE 1500 is on JULY 21st you goof. CALVIN got one for the great weather. ERECT DE RED got one for getting his 1st hash tag. About this time JUST FAITH and JUST PATTI made it to the circle all sweaty and hot. They too got their down-down for being the DFL’s. see you next week for April 1st hash


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